Thursday, March 27, 2014

Andrei Another triumph for feminism

The two girls stood for an hour in a busy shopping arcade
They were filmed as part of a social experiment for television
Astonishingly, only one person stopped to help them
Is it any wonder - if a man like me started to talk to two little girls, personally unknown to me there is a high possibility I'd end up in jail accused of all sorts of nastiness.

Hell in this day and age it could even be a police sting to identify pedophiles - they do this on the internet so why not in a mall.

And men will not be seated next to unaccompanied children on Air New Zealand flights - men are dangerous to children you see.

After fifty years of feminist harping men have gone from being the protectors of women and children and been transformed into predators1

(1) I used Ele's post because she is a very nice woman, as all agree, to show just how pervasive the men as predators meme has become.

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Lynda said...

It seems a silly experiment. There are enough instances following the discovery of criminal acts that passers-by do nothing. I like to think I would help. One situation challenged me in a documentary the other day. About two Australian nurses 'given a ride' abducted and left to die. They were seen by a number of people in the area, none of whom stopped. The reason seemed to be fear of the abductors. They were well known in the town and people feared retribution...they were known to kidnap and rape local girls. Its hard to understand in a western society that the police were so corrupted in a small town they let this all pass.
Then there are those who have children they shouldn't and that isn't checked the youngsters who kidnapped James Bulger in England. People even stopped at times and weren't sure but let them pass.

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