Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lucia Putin behind crackdown on protestors in Ukraine

Wow, journalists are going through the documentation that ex-Ukrainian President Yanukovych left behind when he fled to Russia. Part of that was information that they were being pressured by Russian President Putin:
Putin pressured Yanukovych to crack down on the Maidan protesters. Ukrainska Pravda found that the notebooks of Yanukovych's security chief, Kostyantyn Kobzar, detail a private meeting between the two leaders at Putin's residence at Valdai on January 8, as the Maidan protests continued to grow.

Ironically, Ukrainska Pravda found record of Yanukovych's suspicion of one of its own articles, an investigation into how special police were ordered to forcefully disperse the crowd on Independence Square on November 30. "Where did Ukrainska Pravda get the documents before the interrogation?" the notebook reads, and goes on to note that Yanukovych had plans to call Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka about the issue.
What are the chances that pressure isn't being applied in Crimea?

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Andrei said...

I have a funny feeling Lucyna that if Maori separatists took over Government buildings and intimidated the people who worked there so they couldn't come to work there would be some strident calls for them to be removed.

I hope that you will finally be satisfied when your boys come home in a box, killed in the conflict that we are being drawn into by the little men who cannot bear it that Putin does not go along with their agendas

Andrei said...

This is the true face of the peaceful protestors who toppled the elected Government of Ukraine Lucyna - their forbears burned your relatives alive in their Churches Lucyna and worse.

The blood is currently flowing in the streets of Kharkov and Donetsk and people are cowing in their houses in FEAR in those places because of what is to come.

And Barack Obama unleashed this horror on Ukraine because the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED President of Ukraine went with a bailout offer from Russia and not with the IMF, EU, USA package and so had to be toppled - this is pure unadulterated EVIL LUCYNA and people are going to die because of it and we may all get dragged into a civilization ending war.

Lucia Maria said...


What I think is happening over there is summed up in this comment by a man who is Russian and lives in Crimea (link):

“For Putin, this isn’t about Crimea,” he said. “It’s not even about
Ukraine. This is about Russia: he wants to show his own people that the
price for a revolt is instability and chaos.”

Armed separatists taking over the government doesn't fit the flood of information that's been coming out, nor does it fit the complete takeover by armed Russians in Crimea. All of it looks off. Way off.

And this billboard:
Billboard explains how Crimea referendum is being framed: Russia vs. the Nazis

Andrei said...

Every man and his dog is trying to analysis Putin and his intentions, usually to diminish him.

Make no mistake Vladimir Putin is very intelligent and capable, part of the reason this has got so hot is that he has out smarted Obama several times in recent days.

As for Crimea though - the fact that Putin would take and secure it if a Government hostile to Moscow seized power in Kiev was an obvious outcome as can be imagined - It gives Russia, which is short of ports, especially warm water ones access to the Mediterranean. Loosing it would be like loosing an arm.

When I was young we called Ukrainians Малороссы (Malorossy) means little Russians and is affectionate because we see them as the same people, sisters if you like. It was Stalin incidentally that first called them Ukrainians I think - people can get upset these days if you use that term such has been the successes if the divide and conquer brigade. I cringe when I read ethnic Russian in news articles and I know the proportions of the populations in each Ethnic group have been fiddled in recent times to boost Ukrainian numbers at the expenses of Russian ones. Also cities are starting to adopt transliterations based on Ukrainian spellings rather than Russian ones and that is really recent Kharkov is now Kharkiv in the AP style sheet - it makes sense for Lviv I guess but ot for Kharkov which has always been a Russian city while Lviv actually is Polish as you know Perhaps Lwow would be even better spelling.

Whatever my contention is this, Ukraine should have been left to sort its issues in the ballot box and if it had then it could still have had a future as a Nation but when democracy was broken and in a way that disenfranchised those voters who voted for the winning party (shut their voice out) and replaced them with armed thugs from the street then it is game over for Ukraine and people will have to make choices that will keep them safe and provide them and their children with a more prosperous future and for some this means going with Russia ( actually given what has happened in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Ireland you might suspect the Russian Federation looks more promising - but who knows the future is yet to be written.

But for now Ukraine is seriously broken and fixing it will take the wisdom of Solomon (and wisdom among the Western Elites is a sorely lacking talent)

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