Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lucia Some important stories on the recent invasion of Crimea by Russia

On a crack down on independent journalism that doesn't follow the pro-Russia line : Russophobia, a Pretext for a War on Information ~ The World Post

Self explanatory: Booting Russia from the G8 Ends 16 Years of Pretending Moscow Should Sit at the Big-Kids Table What a relief ~ New Republic

The Polish response to the Ukraine crisis is to not overreact: Poland Is the Boy Who Didn't Cry Wolf ~ Huffington Post

Very worrying developing on crackdown on religious freedom in Crimea - if you're not Orthodox, then you're a potential traitor: Priest: Ukrainian Catholics flee Crimea to escape threats of arrest ~ Catholic Herald, UK

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Andrei said...

"The first casualty when war comes is truth".

And some of that stuff you have posted is outright lies.

There is a sorry history, some ancient, some recent which wicked people will exploit to cause mayhem and misery as well as Christian division - all of which will delight the Prince of Lies.

I'm actually quite scared of what has been unleashed and I'm not going to play, just don't believe everything you read

Lucia Maria said...


Given that the Russian Government has not yet been forthcoming about Katyn, that tells me all I need to know as to who is lying.

Andrei said...

What has Katyn which is about 1500Km from Crimea got to do with this? Nothing, thats what.

Catholic Poles in the 1920s and 1930s committed their own share of blood letting, have their own crimes to answer for - this is one reason why Poland's borders were substantially redrawn by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin and populations moved around after WW2.

Why dwell on it? The only people it benefits are Catholic Bashers and Christian haters.

Anyway Lucyna,there are no Catholics (Byzantine or Latin) in Crimea , well not that you couldn't count on the fingers of one hand. Even the priest peddling this story has a Polish looking name Father Mykhailo Milchakovskyi.

Crimea has been Russian for longer than the United States has existed as a Nation, Russian towns, Russian language, Russian Religion.

This is all part of the relentless anti Russian propaganda campaign we are being subject and using divisions within Christ's Church to advance this agenda is reprehensible (not you, the people behind this stuff)

Lucia Maria said...

That Polish looking name doesn't look that Polish to me, as the spelling is off. For instance, Polish names don't normally have "k"s in the middle of them (it would be a ch, I think), nor do they normally have a "y" in the "ski" part of the name. Father Mykhailo Milchakovskyi, is most likely what he says he is a Byzantine rite Ukrainian.

As for the relevance of Katyn, given that it was a government crime, and given that the current government is not interested in investigating it nor sharing the results of that investigation with the Polish Government despite repeated requests, that tells me a lot as to the type of people currently in control. Their believeability rating is close to zero.

Andrei said...

That Polish looking name doesn't look that Polish to me, as the spelling is off.

That's because its transliterated from Cyrillic script using Ukrainian orthography - say it and it sounds Polish, and if you heard him speaking his native dialect, it would sound Polish and probably be somewhat understandable by a native Polish speaker.

Ukraine was historically the borderlands of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, where West meets East but thats not modern Ukraine, just the Western parts and other parts of the historical region are still in Poland, also in Slovakia and in Belarus.

Modern Ukraine was a Bolshevik construction, the eastern parts have a entirely different history and Crimea which was added later has a different history again.

Its OK but it was never going to work if Western clowns interfered in it, especially if they stir up ancient antipathies to advance their agendas which is what they have done. Which is why this Catholic V Orthodox thing has been bought up - to stir people up and make them fight each other and hate each other

Anyway for the second time in a decade the elected Government has been toppled and so the Crimeans did the only sensible thing they could do - Leave and keep as far away from the mess that has resulted as possible

Lucia Maria said...


I have found that listening to Ukrainian, I can understand a little of it, so yes, I agree Ukrainian is very similar to Polish. Russian is sort of similar too, but the accent is on a different part of the words, and I don't find it even in the slightest bit understandable.

However, I'm not understanding why it's important to point out the priest complaining of intimidation in Crimea has a Polish sounding name. Are you accusing him of not being Ukrainian? But Ukrainian sounds very much like Polish as you have said, so surely the point is moot - he could be either, based on his name.

Also, since there are a number of Catholics in Ukraine, and Crimea has been part of Ukraine officially for 70 years after it was gifted by the Soviets, surely Catholics could easily have set up in Crimea in all that time. I mean, that's what we do - we evangelise.

But if there are no Catholics in Crimea apart from a few, as you contend, how will "Western clowns" be able to stir up ancient antipathies there? The argument doesn't make sense.

I think that's the problem with this Crimea invasion - I'm reading your arguments for it and they don't gel. They only gel with the arguments coming from Russia, but not with everything I'm hearing and reading and know.

For instance, your last paragraph ignores the Russian interference what Crimeans decided to do. I'm not an idiot that will just play along with that. I can't see how the Western media manufactured the invasion, because it actually happened and that's not being denied, there's just this fiction of free-choice on behalf of the Crimeans. Apart from those that disagree, of course. And the amazingly high voter turn out and vote, which is also very suspicious. It just doesn't gel,

Andrei said...

How do you think Vladimir Putin took Crimea so easily? Nobody hurt, nobody killed

Why do you think the troops you saw had no insignia and their faces covered?

Who do you think they were?

Hint: they only covered their faces when cameras were about

Lucia Maria said...

People were hurt and killed - A step closer to all-out war: One Ukrainian officer shot dead, one
militia killed and dozens rounded up by masked gunmen at under-siege
Crimean army base as interim PM says crisis with Russia has moved from
political to military

And I've read numerous reports of masked men that can be identified as Russian soldiers. The story I link to has some pictures of them. Why do I think they are doing that? Heck knows. Orders, maybe?

Andrei said...

That's right Lucia - a seventeen year old boy from Lviv initiated a sniper attack and killed two people.

A member of the neo Fascist "Right Sector" according to the story.

This whole invasion thing was theater - people in Crimea don't want all this Ukrainian Nationalism, they want stable Government and to get on with their lives - speaking their mother tongue without interference from Galacian fruitloops.

So they opted to join Russia with Russian assistance of course.

Those soldiers were for the most part from the Ukrainian army and they took off their insignia and took their own bases and now they are in the Russian Army with much better pay

Most of them were local boys from Crimea anyway

Andrei said...

Who needs this stuff? Its not good for anybody

Lucia Maria said...


I'm not going to watch a you-tube, I need a news report. And the only theatre that I'm seeing is on the Russian side, in justification. Not impressed with it.

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