Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fletch Traditional Marriage Defended In Two Minutes

Fiona O'Reilly from Catholic Voices defends traditional marriage over same-sex marriage in two minutes on BBC News. Well said!

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William Stout said...

Discrimination is burdened with a bad reputation that it does not deserve. The word is not equivalent to bigotry or racism. It merely means that one has made a choice. For example, if one fails to discriminate in all things, then one cannot live a moral life. This is because in order to live by a moral code, one must make value judgments based upon a set of ideals. In order to make that moral judgment, one must discriminate between the choices. Yet when one makes a moral choice concerning gay marriage, one is branded a bigot. This is nothing more than intellectual and moral tyranny.
Without giving any reasons at all, one wins the moral high ground by branding anyone who exercises a moral choice against gay marriage as a bigot. We once joked about thought crimes, but today we are moving closer and closer towards that concept. In the West, the freedom of thought is being extinguished with great alacrity, and people are not even aware that it is happening.

the conservative said...

The part I liked was her answer to the discrimination question; she said: "Discrimination happens when you treat two things that are the same differently." I never really heard that argument when gay marriage was going through here.

I just figured this new commenting method out--I have to use Firefox

Lynda said...

We need a Catholic Voices here in the message is succinct to respond to sound bite mode of the media. Balanced in that essence of the message is communicated and not lax or rigorist. Presented calmly and attractively so that the message isn't masked by the tone of the commentator. The beauty and simplicity of her message didn't just has been a response to the mode it has to deliver in.

Lynda said...

Yes, that statement has been well thought out.

Fletch said...

True that. Catholic Voices came about as an answer to anti-pope/anti-Catholic protests that sprung up in the U.K before the 2010 visit of Pope Benedict there. They appeared in secular media, answering questions, and it all went very well. They have put out a book for use by Catholics who want to be able to provide answers to the hard questions generated by their faith, called How to defend the faith without raising your voice, which is available on Amazon -

There also are various Catholic Voices websites, including an Australian one here -

sJames6621 said...

she can say what she wants. The people spoke throug their elected representatives in parliament and voted 77 to 44 to grant our gay people marriage equality under the law.

We are not a theocracy and lets remember that the catholic church ran Europe through the darks ages via a network of catholic kings in a period known as the dark ages.

IF you dont like gays marrying go to eg Saudi Arabia - home of 15 of the 19 9-11 people in the USA disaster Another option - go to commie russia

sJames6621 said...

AS smeone else said on antoher blog, re the marriage equality biz, the cahtolic church is consigning itself to irrelevance

Look at whats happening in the most catholic country in the world - Ireland

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