Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lucia Dealing with English teachers

I had parent/teacher interviews for both my boys on Monday night, and after a semi-argument with my older son's English teacher about criteria for success in a recent assignment, I think English as a subject, has been knocked off the pedestal that it commanded in my mind for so long.

English seems to have been taken over by spinsters with a mission, a mission to find out what our children think and feel about things. I always thought that English was about learning to communicate clearly and showing that there is understanding of reading, but no, that doesn't seem to be how it is now.

The teacher that I have the problem with has been working for NZQA since the time of University Entrance. Coincidentally, I was in the last year of pupils that took those exams before that system disappeared forever, to be replaced at the time with the precursor to NCEA - Sixth Form Certificate (which I did as well because we were made to do both).

I think there has been a lot of experimentation directed towards children at school by bored teachers and curriculum movers and shakers in New Zealand. Stay tuned ....

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mjaew said...

I agree. Apart from the fact that a lot of the curriculum, whether it is State Integrated or State (or Private for that matter), is heavily influenced by United Nations socialist agenda and its desire to bring about the rule of Satan on earth, I have too many current teachers telling me that education is best done at home.

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