Saturday, February 16, 2008

ZenTiger The Abandoned Generation

It's all perspective, isn't it? Rudd has apologised for the Stolen Generation, and we are all wondering when he's going to send our Kiwis back.

Although, from this end, we now expect Helen Clark to make an apology for "the Abandoned Generation". Feeling unloved and unwanted, New Zealand's middle class has left our shores, possibly never to return. Either Rudd's mob stole them, or Helen just gave them away. Will we ever get to the bottom of this social crime?

And speaking of social crimes, raising the tagging fines is just stupid. Getting the juves to clean up their own tags using a toothbrush might work a lot better, and it would be good for the toothbrush industry. So now that spray paint is virtually contraband, expect the Gangs to be moving into wholesale hardware and redecorating. British Paints has no doubt got the edge on the tender process, having supplied that famous tagger Rolf for years. One thing you can say about Rolf, he was the master of tagging and a quick getaway. Entire walls done in 30 seconds flat. Lucky he never progressed to stolen cars. Maybe British Paints can talk the Gangs into endorsement commercials?

On talk back the hosts were oscillating between "Oh woe the Stolen Generation" and then almost instantly, without a trace of irony, "Oh when will CYFS intervene and remove children from dysfunctional families?" The question is how do you tell they are dysfunctional? It seems the criteria now is "being smacked". Well, obviously the real criteria would be "being beaten to within an inch of life" but who on earth would be mad enough to confront such people? Far better for the State to beat up on people that, when isolated, will roll over and take it.

And Rudd might think apologising is an important step, but don't ever believe that the Labour Party and the Greens will apologise for their appalling treatment of middle class New Zealand. They still don't see they've done anything wrong.

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mojo said...

"They still don't see they've done anything wrong."
Aye, 'Tis the blindness of the well-intentioned.
There is something particularly crass (new age sensitive and wussy) and wrong about apologising for the behaviour of one's forbears ... like perhaps Solomon (Ngai Tahu) spokesperson on the pounamu ownership affair and many, nay a majority of those with whom he racially identifies (including Turia),should be apologising in the mirror, for they, bless their predominantly scottish ancestry are as responsible,no moreso, for the plight of so many new zealanders today. It is they who have steadfastly nurtured this 'victim, you owe me a living' mentality' that is so common today and so destructive of society ... oh the irony ... the despair of it all.

MathewK said...

They are indeed creating an abandoned generation Zen, now if you take an aboriginal child, you run the risk of being branded a racist bastard in 20/30 years time. So they are abandoned.

At least the middle class in NZ can do their homework and vote for someone other than Labour and the Greens, the children don't get that luxury. Waiting for leftists to apologize for their ways is like waiting for a serial killer to see the error of his ways.

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