Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lucia Gman and the Sevens

Gman really has a way with words. The whole post is worth reading, but here's a snippet:
If I have this whole religion thing wrong, and there really is a god, and because I kept saying he is a figment of a couple of kooks imagination it turns out that I have to go to hell, then I know what hell looks like.
There's no fire, no brimstone, there's no molten lava. Dante and Hieronymus Bosch have it totally wrong.In hell, you have to sit for 2 days in the summer sun with 30,000 boorish, drunken, look-at-me, attention-seeking assholes and watch a dumbed-down bastardized version of rugby.
I think that the sevens is further proof that we are heading the way of Ancient Rome. The masses need to be entertained. It'll only get worse ...

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ZenTiger said...

I liked the title "Sevens Hell". Nice reference to Dante.

And Gman's last thought would make a good post, come to think of it. A big list of "The things you see when you don't have a gun."

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