Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lucia Smacking is a mother's issue

A couple of days ago I passed a group of women sitting at an outdoor table at a cafe, having morning tea together and chatting. They were definitely mothers, as there were a number of strollers parked around them, and babies sitting on some of their laps. As I passed by, I happened to catch the waft of the conversation - something to do with smacking, not smacking often, but needing to do so sometimes.

It occurred to me last night after putting up the Cindy Kiro post, that this one issue - the anti-smacking bill - has woken up a segment of society that normally ignores politics. In all my years as a mother and talking with other mothers, I've found very few are interested in politics. However, every mother I have talked to recently knows about the anti-smacking bill, and very few of the mothers I have talked to are for it. Most are disturbed by the bill.

Mothers typically do not have the time to make their opinions known to the movers and shakers, so anyone that thinks this issue has gone away and will go away is blind or deaf to the mothers in the community around them.

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dad4justice said...

Manaakitia a tatou tamariki, taiohi hoki

Dr Cindy Kiro is just part of the nanny state - political social engineers who are hell bent on forcing upon NZ, radical feminazi policy that undermines common sense and forces good parents to live in perpetual anxiety. Anybody that thinks that such nonsense can achieve a healthy and balanced society is beyond hope. I have spoken to hundreds of mothers who detest this ludicrous situation and only when I explain to them that this is all part of a radical feminist government implementing their vile ideology do they understand. It’s a tragedy for all the parents and children and Kiro is an extremely dangerous woman. She is part of a sinister group that want to create mayhem within the family, so the feminist agenda can continue forward much to the detriment of families and children.

MathewK said...

Finally a point at which the herds begin to notice eh. It's about time, hopefully they push back before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

I hope so MK. the most damaging thing about section 59 is not the actual legislation or its being repealed but rather the climate that now exist. Public behaviour is now becoming private. Parents will still smack they'll just do it behind closed doors, and never talk about it and feel insecure. The beginning of the end of freedom is when folk start wearing a public face. I just hpe emough people are uncomfortable to drive this back where it came from. Could you actually imagine if it s59 was reinstated! Yeeharr, that would be a great day because parents would feel like they actually belonged to their country.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate threat to a persistantly disruptive child is to take them on holiday to Australia. They have not lost their marbles over there and smacking is legal. A Tasman Time-Out could work wonders. If the feminists supported the abortion flights, normal people would support this.

Gooner said...

Lucyna, it's not a bill anymore. It's now an Act!

Anonymous said...

Sitting Bull: it is essential to fight stupid law head-on, just as it essential to openly ridicule political correctness for the nonsense it is.

Bad law deserves to be thoroughly ignored. The more people are seen to openly flout it, the more others will do so. I, for one, will enjoy flouting the disgrace that is the EFB this year.

It's no use whinging about things, kids. Time to find some guts & stand for what you believe.

Tell the grey bastards where to go. It's delightfully refreshing!


Nick C said...

The left really are blinded by their narrow ideology on this issue, much more so then others. Take this quote from a left blog as an example:

"Ok really S L O W L Y
If you smack your kids the result for kids is P A I N

So you are using Pain or the threat of it to discipline you kids .

Would you smack a new born ? of course not
Would you smack a 16 yrd old? I hope not ?
So when do you start ? when do you stop ?
How much PAIN is your child experiencing ?
How much is enough ?
Does your child “belong ” to you ?
If I hit you kid you would be piseed, off why ?

The use of violence against children is a complete no no"

They just cant seem to distinguish between violence and good parenting. I suspect most of them are lying when they say they have children.

Anonymous said...

"Ok really S L O W L Y
If you smack your kids the result for kids is P A I N

They just cant seem to distinguish between violence and good parenting. I suspect most of them are lying when they say they have children."


And these same lefties don't seem to get this fact.

Often children 'inflict' a darn sight more 'pain' on each other, than what they'd get from a parent giving them a 'light smack' or even a 'clip over the ear' for being 'naughty'!

Maybe we could add also. Is it because some children/youth have never felt some 'pain' for the consequences of their actions. They're more likely to 'hurt and inflict pain' on others. I.E gang violence, etc?

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