Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lucia The Media on Labour

Labour are blaming the media for it's problems with the NZ public. At least, that is what Shayne Jones is saying on NewsTalk ZB right now. What do they expect, the media to just ignore all of Labour's bungling and hypocrisy over the last term?

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KG said...

To answer your question, Lucyna:
yes.They do.

Andrei said...

Isn't that just typical Left wing pathology - it is always somebody elses fault.

the last National government
oil companies
rascists provided they are white, non white people cannot be racist by (left wing) definition
greedy rich people
Exclusive Brethren
McDonalds/Coca cola - obesity epidemic
being spanked as a child - for explaining violent criminality

Barnsley Bill said...

amazing that fisheries Jones has spoken on this issue considering the velvet gloved love he has had from the media. This double dipping rent baron from Awanui should keep his fat mouth shut if he doesn't want the blow torch of media inquiry applied to his fat arse.

Murray said...

This is their play book, blame blame blame. But always find someone else, never look at yourself because commies are perfect.

This is just their latest talking point issued from the 9th and all the good little lefties will toe the party line.

I'd compare them to the band on the Titanic but that would be offensive to the memory of good men.

Anonymous said...

I say, All power to you, Shane. I would do all I can to encourage you to continue to live out your leftist ideology of victimhood and blameshifting. The more time you and your colleagues spend in that mental wasteland, the longer you are out of touch with reality. The more you live in your make-believe world the less it is likely you will be able to take an honest look in the mirror. And the election draws ever closer.
Let me suggest a few lines you have not cogitated publicly upon yet: who controls the media? Is it not the monied capitalist pigs? Big money is behind all this criticism--they know, Shane, that you are one of the last bastions of protection for the poor and undertrodden against the raw rapacity of wealth. Get angry. Get self righteous. Make a few hectoring speeches.

Anonymous said...

I have nearly always voted Labour and even, briefly, worked for the Labour Party in Wellington (it seems a couple of lifetimes ago).

I'm not sure who I'll vote for in this election but it won't be Labour.

And - sorry Mr Jones - it's got nothing to do with the media's treatment of the Government or of the Labour Party.

The fact is that the Labour Party has been hijacked by a selection of interest groups, most prominently and successfully by a group led by Tim Barnett.

It is almost unrecognisable from what it used to be. What, I wonder, would Norm Kirk say of the Party today?

I grew up with Labour in my veins and my heart. Now I just feel shame at what they have done to NZ society, particularly in the last nine years.

The Labour Party has become anti-family.

Personal responsibility, for example in raising a family or in one's conduct in public, is becoming a thing of the past. And the abortion rate is going through the roof. The welfare state is abused and abusive of the rights of families.

Need I go on?


MathewK said...

"What do they expect, the media to just ignore all of Labour's bungling and hypocrisy over the last term?"

Er, yes!

Leftist politicians assumed the media are around to make live difficult for the Conservatives, only.

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