Friday, September 28, 2012

Lucia Catholic voters and Obama and the latest poll from Pew

Catholic Culture story shows that Catholics favour Obama over Romney by 15 point margin:
President Barack Obama holds a 54%-39% advantage over Mitt Romney among Catholics, according to the latest voter survey conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

Among Catholics who attend Mass at least weekly, Romney holds a 51%-42% lead. Catholics who attend Mass “monthly” or “yearly” favor Obama by a 53%-39% advantage, while Catholics who attend Mass “seldom” or “never” back Obama by a 61%-32% margin.

The survey also found that white Catholics favor Obama by a 47%-46% margin.

Protestants favor Romney by a 50%-42% margin; among white evangelical Protestants, the pro-Romney advantage is 74%-19%, while the two candidates are in a 46%-46% dead heat among mainline Protestants. Black Protestants favor Obama by an overwhelming 95%-2% margin.

The Pew survey, conducted September 16, found that Obama holds a 51%-42% lead among all registered voters—a significantly larger lead than the 3.7% advantage Obama currently holds in the average of surveys.

Dr. Jeff Mirus evaluates The Pew Survey’s Most Sobering Result , pointing out that it's not the percentage of Catholic voters overall that support Obama that is the real problem:

No, the most damning result of the poll is that Catholics who attend Mass at least weekly favor Mitt Romney by only nine percent (51 to 42). This compares with nearly a 30 point gap the other way for those who attend Mass very rarely or not at all. Why isn’t there a comparable gap against Obama by regularly practicing Catholics? This represents a colossal Catholic failure.

Obviously, one can allow for a certain apathy here. Mitt Romney does not impress voters as a man who has either a moral or a political clue. His position on abortion and related issues is confused and, as far as anyone can tell, self-serving. His ability to project a serious love and concern for our nation and its people ranges from weak to non-existent. He stumbles and backtracks constantly. While there are many excellent moral reasons to vote against Barack Obama, there are few excellent moral reasons to vote for Mitt Romney. Moreover, there is always a strong reluctance on the part of those who depend on Federal largesse to admit the dangers of Federal power, a factor which minimizes support for Republican budget proposals.

But there is one huge issue that separates Obama and Romney, and it is the same issue which has been most forcefully identified by the country’s bishops—the HHS Mandate. Obama is the architect of a law which forces Catholic organizations and individuals to financially support contraception, sterilization and abortion despite the Church’s teaching that it is deeply sinful to do so. In a similar way, Obama is the architect of policies which exclude Catholic organizations from traditional roles in social services because they will not do things like provide abortion referrals, recommend contraception, or facilitate adoptions for same-sex couples. But Romney has pledged to eliminate the HHS mandate immediately upon election, and has shown no propensity to continue Obama’s ideological exclusion of Catholic participation in public life.

Which is why the Catholic voter in the cartoon above is being lumped in with bears for forest fires, and chickens for Colonel Sanders (ie fast food chickens), because they are voting for policies which will make it more and more difficult for anyone the United States to be Catholic.

Looks like that other poll that I linked to is definitely a rouge one, or polls are completely useless when it comes to this election.  Personally, I have no idea.

Cartoon found on WDTPRS.

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Isumbras said...

If I were an American I don't know if I'd hold my nose and vote Romney, or abstain in a no doubt futile gesture/message to the GPO that being treated like suckers is over for a hopefully large segment of the population... One thing is for sure, I couldn't as a Catholic ever vote for Obama... his partial birth abortion votes are beyond compromise....there is a whiff of sulfur about the bloke IMHO..... /shudder

jonno1 said...

I prefer magenta or cerise to rouge, even in polls.

Lucia Maria said...

Jonno, LOL.

True, magenta is better (not sure about cerise).

Now, the question is, do I leave the post the way it is, or change it??

jonno1 said...

Well, I'm gonna look rather silly if you change it Lucia...

Lucia Maria said...

Jonno, ok then, I'll leave it! :)

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