Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lucia Poland hopes to identify remains of Auschwitz hero

This is wonderful news. Poland is putting the effort into finding her heroes.

It could hardly have been a riskier mission: infiltrate Auschwitz to chronicle Nazi atrocities. Witold Pilecki survived nearly three years as an inmate in the death camp, managing to smuggle out word of executions before making a daring escape. But the Polish resistance hero was crushed by the post-war Communist regime – tried on trumped-up charges and executed.

Six decades on, Poland hopes Pilecki's remains will be identified among the entangled skeletons and shattered skulls of resistance fighters being excavated from a mass grave on the edge of Warsaw's Powazki Military Cemetery. The exhumations are part of a movement in the resurgent, democratic nation to officially recognize its war-time heroes and 20th century tragedies.

I've written about Witold Pilecki before, back in 2009.

Poland hopes to identify remains of Auschwitz hero ~ Ynetnews

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Isumbras said...

Irena Sendler is another of those heroes.... nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008, unfortunately she lost but only because she was up against a colossus of humanitarianism who was busy selflessly and his saving the planet that year...Yup the lady who saved the lives of 2500 children and was tortured by the Gestapo was pipped at the post by Albert Gore and his factually perfect film....

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