Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lucia The words "mother" and "father" to be removed in France from official documents

One of the consequences of same-sex marriage is this sort of travesty - the removal of words such as "mother" and "father", which both have very specific meanings - and replacing them with the more general "parents" from all official documents.

How soon will it be that calling oneself a mother if you're female, or father if you are male, will be considered offensive and discriminatory?

Don't laugh, for now in New Zealand it is generally only considered acceptable to ask about a "partner", not a wife or a husband in conversation, as marital status is one of those no-go-zones. Once you know a person is married, then the leap to asking about the opposite sex term (wife or husband) is safe, but once same-sex marriage is brought into the equation, even this territory will become fraught with social danger!

All of this is being brought in under the guise of "equality", which is yet another example of the way the language is being destroyed.

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