Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lucia John Key was "forced" to marry his Catholic wife in a garden??

The mind boggles over this comment. I wonder what the exact words were, as they are not quoted and there are other quotes in the article.

Key said he had been forced to marry wife Bronagh outside in a garden. She is an Irish Catholic and he has a Jewish background.

I do know that if a person wants to marry a Catholic, they have to be approved by the local priest in order for that marriage to take place validly in the eyes of the Church. The fact that Key's marriage was in a garden raises all sorts of questions as to whether or not he was considered suitable for a Catholic girl to marry. Maybe he didn't want to go through the talks by the priest, or maybe his wife didn't consider her Catholicism that important? Not that non-Catholics that have been approved have been much better, as there are so many stories online of men who have been married to their Catholic wives in a Catholic church, and treat the whole thing as a joke. I won't name names, but there's quite a few of them out there.

As for Colin Craig's leaflet that states that John Key is "too gay" for Helensville, that sort of inflammatory technique certainly elicits attention and it seems to have gained it, but I think it would be better to act in a more prudent way when attacking someone on their morals.

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Andrei said...

Having a near eidetic memory I recalled a TV show from the long distant past, Bridget Loves Bernie, the premise being a rich Catholic girl who married a poor Jewish boy and how they negotiated their lives between their respective families, their deep love for one another triumphing week after week over the difficulties arising from their vastly different backgrounds and families.

Very popular it was but it also aroused passions and controversy that saw it cancelled.

Andrei said...

A couple of things about that show stand out, the couple were young and married and Bridget's brother was a priest an all round good guy and supportive of their relationship, providing good advice when needed.

Times and TV have changed and not for the better

Redbaiter said...

Lucia, I know you're trying to be fair, but criticizing Craig on his pamphlet is something that the left will do in droves.

Do you really think they need any help?

We need to focus on the positives and leave the negatives to Craig's many enemies.

BTW, I am unable to post any comments on Whale Oil today, where I have been quite active in defending his unfair attacks on Craig.

Whale is quite clearly censoring my writing.

Just goes to show you that when the pressure comes on, these fake rightists reveal their true colours, and how weak their claims to run free speech blogs really are.

The same old Orwellian/ left wing rule applies, all speech is permitted as long as it is first "approved" by the ruling council.

Lucia Maria said...


I don't want to become a cheerleader for Colin Craig and his Conservative Party if he can't live up to the rather weighty name he's taken on. I've put too much faith in politicians in the past and will not make that mistake again.

A little constructive criticism from those on the same side is healthy. He should just take it on the chin and pick himself and keep going.

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