Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lucia Mental health and same-sex marriage [UPDATE 2]

The Mental Health Foundation has speculated in their submission on Louisa Wall's Marriage Ammendment Bill that the mental health of gay New Zealanders may improve if same-sex marriage becomes legal.

What about the mental health of those that oppose same-sex marriage, how will that be affected? I ask, because in Scotland even children are being called "Nazis" and "bigots" for opposing such a redefinition of marriage. That would be very difficult for children to bear and would most likely place a serious burden upon their mental health. I personally do not believe that a relationship between two of the same sex could be called marriage, how will my mental health be affected by having to think of such relationships as marriage when they clearly are not?

Somehow I doubt the Mental Health Foundation has taken such wider issues into consideration.

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Well, Moira Clunie of the Mental Health Foundation has noticed this post. She says, "Won't someone please think of the bigots?"

Dear Moira, calling me a "bigot" may very well impact upon my mental health. Surely, given your role, you should be far more responsible with your words. Think how marginalised you might be making me feel.  This really should cause you some concern.

UPDATE 2 4:30pm, 2 November 2012

Looks like the tweet that I captured above has been deleted.

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ZenTiger said...

Not a very responsible accusation for a person in that position.

It seems she interpreted your tongue in cheek riposte a little too literally. It's quite depressing really.

I was reminded today of the power of selective liberal bigotry. Some of the same people who bandied around the "if you don't like Obama you must be a racial bigot" seemed to think it quite permissible to say "do we really want a Mormon as a US President"?

Irony lost on them too, apparently.

DrCP said...

I would make a formal complaint Lucia.

Using that type of hate speech, and it is potentially defamatory, makes her unfit for that office,

my 2c.


smebro said...

Interesting point of view. It's certainly not okay to mock anyone, especially for their own beliefs. We can only hope the children are equipped to have intelligent conversations on the topic, without taking it personally, and that these kids could come away with more understanding of the different opinions at work here. If only.

There are studies that show a strong causal link between bans on gay marriage and mental health issues in lesbian, gay and bisexual people.


As for worrying about these children who oppose gay marriage and their mental health, perhaps we should worry as there are articles and discussions around this topic available online also, just no strong studies to support the notion:



Certainly a complex issue.

wretchedwithhope said...

Rejoice! 'These days' if you're called a bigot for your faithfulness to the truth our Redeemer vouchsafed through his Church you're in good company:


P.s. the etymology of 'bigot' is "by God" - in Germanic languages it was an insult - against the Norman French. In Italian the equivalent can still mean 'very pious', 'enthusiastic'. A good thing if we don't want to be vomited forth from Truth as pretenders.

Seán said...

Sorry to say but I don't think anyone's mental health is being impacted over this political issue. Claiming "mental health issues" is like claiming "being offended". Yeah whatever.

Take a standpoint and argue it without the BS.

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