Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucia Will Obama go down for American embassy attack?

Wow. Now it seems the attack on the American Embassy in Libya was all because of arms smuggling that killed American ambassador, Chris Stevens, was directly involved in. Wow.

No wonder all the media can do is try to shift the focus to a Republican's assertion that all human life, even life conceived in rape, is because God intended it. It's certainly all the NZ media has been reporting so far on the radio that I've heard.

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LiberalLeftie said...

So Glenn Beck says that the US Ambassador, who can't defend himself against such ridiculous allegations, was running guns for Al Qaeda? Excuse me while I switch websites to more reputable sources of information

Psycho Milt said...

Have a read through that linked article and focus on which parts of it are facts and which parts are bald assertions. Of facts, we have the following:

1. An email was sent to the White House two hours after the attack began.

2. Another email notified the White House on the afternoon of the attack that someone was watching the Ambassador's safe house.

3. The Ambassador had dinner that evening with his Turkish counterpart.

4. The attack started an hour after the Turkish Consul-General left.

5. An email sent to the White House during the attack said Ansar Al-Sharia was claiming responsibility.

6. Russian propaganda claims that Syrian rebels are armed with Stinger missiles. The NYT has also speculated about possible secret arms supplies to the Syrian rebels.

So much for the facts. As evidence of some kind of criminal conspiracy, they're not exactly conclusive. However, according to Beck, they constitute persuasive evidence that:

1. The President lied about the attack on the embassy.
2. The lies told are so egregious he could be impeached or sent to prison.
3. The Ambassador was an arms smuggler, and the White House knew it.
4. The Ambassador was killed by his own customers, but the US govt is continuing his arms smuggling business.

The logical conclusion I'd draw from the above is not that Obama's facing a prison term, more like that this guy Glenn Beck is a deranged demagogue. He appears to be clinically insane.

Lucia Maria said...

We shall see, guys. :)

PM, in the meantime there is more than what Glen Beck asserts. See the Fox News item on this link: The Right Scoop

William Stout said...

First, I don't know what Beck has, but I am certain that he has something. Fractures are beginning to develop between American Intelligence and the administration. The fact that Hillary fell on her own sword and put a serious crimp in any future runs for the Presidency is also significant. Benghazi stinks of cover-up and as the threads get pulled the President and his administration look dirtier and dirtier.

There is no question that the President and his diplomats have lied to the American people. The question is why did they lie? What do they have to hide? What makes this cover-up worse is that the American press was complicit in the cover-up. Leftists are as arrogant as the day is long and they don't think that the law applies to them in most situations. In government, that means that they take risks and chances that they shouldn't take. For example, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius stumping for the President in an official capacity and violating Federal law as she did it. But laws are for the little people.

I wouldn't be surprised if Valerie Jarrett had her fingerprints all over this and I also wouldn't be surprised if she ended up facing a Federal prosecutor because of this either. I also don't believe that she will be the only one in the administration who will be at risk criminally. This is going to get a whole lot uglier than anybody knows right now. All that has happened is that the crow's nest has seen the tip of the iceberg. The big question is: can the ship of State dodge it? I don't think so.

So somebody go and get Celine Dion because the S.S. Obama is headed for big trouble and she needs to do his swan song as his Presidency sinks beneath the waves.

Psycho Milt said...

See the Fox News item on this link: The Right Scoop

Er, yes. The Libyan rebels are now helping the Syrian rebels. This doesn't come as a great shock. Missing from it is anything to indicate why two Arab groups would need a US govt representative to oversee that assistance. The Beck video on the same page is the most impressive assemblage of non sequiturs in pursuit of a conspiracy theory that I've seen in a long time (but then I'm no connoiseur of conspiracy theories).

To be fair, it's not beyond the bounds of possibility. After all, US govts have previously engaged in illegal arms dealing and lied to the people about it - most notably, Ronald Reagan's administration in the mid-1980s. Strangely enough, Reagan was neither impeached nor sentenced to a prison term - as Obama won't be.

Lucia Maria said...


" Missing from it is anything to indicate why two Arab groups would need a US govt representative to oversee that assistance."

I think the whole point is providing the Arab groups with weapons that they probably otherwise would not be able to access. Weapons make a big difference.

You could be right, the whole thing could be a whole lot made out of nothing. But, it's not looking too good from here, and it hasn't been for quite a while.

If the US Gov't is going to topple Arab governments, then they should invade properly and stay, just like the Romans did. All this support given to rebels (Libya is a definite there) is just asking for trouble.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi William,


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