Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lucia Watched the debate between Romney and Obama

Obama is lost. The Twitter journalists agree.

Wow, the CNN breakdown of speaking time for the two during the debate: Obama spoke for 45 minutes and 50 seconds, and Romney for less - 38 minutes and 32 seconds.

It's finished now, but BBC are going to do more with it: First US presidential debate: Obama v Romney

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KG said...

Beautiful...without leftist moderators and the media running interference for him, Obama was shown up for the empty suit he is, a little socialist America-hater totally out of his depth.

Mike Asplet said...

Yes, Obama did crash and burn in this debate. But I'm not sure he is "lost". Interesting to see though that Romney won with more or less an appeal to left values "I'm not cutting taxes", "I believe in regulation"), and without any reference to the tea-party-esque elements of his policies. He has to appear moderate to win, and he did I think, in the debate.

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