Friday, December 21, 2012

Lucia John Key in a mock gay marriage ceremony [UPDATE]

Added to an article on the inablity of Hekia Parata to listen to warnings by board members and education experts over the closure of Nelson's Salisbury School, is a small addition over the way Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, spends his time.

It emerged yesterday that he had been doing a round of private radio station Christmas appearances on the day Ms Longstone's resignation was announced, and took part in a "mock" gay marriage ceremony.

What the heck was this "mock" gay marriage ceremony about? Was it some sort of renewal ceremony to ensure John Key's compliance and leadership of National in helping Labour's Louisa Wall's same sex marriage bill will pass? The mind boggles as to why the Prime Minister would spend the time to participate in a "mock" ceremony, if there weren't some other purpose in mind.

Also, why "mock", rather than mock in the article. If it's not a real ceremony, then mock without the quote marks is appropriate. "Mock" with the quote marks indicates that the participants thought it was real, and it's only the reporter that's not sure.

As to Hekia Parata, she is abysmal as Education Minister. Most times that I've heard her on the radio, she seems to just be a front person with a script that she delivers and seems to have very little knowledge of her portfolio.

UPDATE: Here's the mock gay marriage ceremony, performed on radio. Very disturbing, especially John Key giving his "bride" a whack on the bottom at the end.

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