Friday, December 28, 2012

Lucia Whale Oil has included this blog in his worst political blog awards [UPDATE]

You've got to laugh, really.

We should do a poll on the most anti-Catholic blogs in New Zealand. Whale Oil Beef Hooked would be right up there.

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UPDATE: I treat online conversations like I treat real conversations. If someone is being an asshole, I won't talk to them. Anyone that wants a conversation after acting like a real jerk needs to apologise and grovel profusely, and then accept that they don't have a right to have me respond to them. Continuing to attack me just makes it worse. I really wonder if some people on blogs actually know how to talk to real people face to face, or if all their interaction is just limited to the keyboard.

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KG said...

Does anybody really care what the Serial Philanderer has to say?

Lucia Maria said...

We're getting quite a few incoming links from his blog right now. Hasn't beaten our Star of Bethlehem searches, though.

ZenTiger said...

It is a pity he casts opposition to changing the definition of marriage to being anti-gay.

Mind you, I think his real motive for naming this blog is that he is actually virulently anti-catholic.

Can't imagine him running a post: "Some Conservatives support Civil Unions and are therefore anti-gay."

DrCP said...

To my knowledge, Whaleoil has never explained WHY he is so anti-Catholic.

Issues I guess.

The shame in all this is that there is actually a decent bloke under all that in Whaleoil (I used to think otherwise until a few months ago). He could be so much better if he got over "the Catholic's".


Lucia Maria said...


I've always thought that, even when I refused to link to him for a number of years because of that disgusting photoshopped picture of that teenage boy.

We all make mistakes, and I try not to hold his against him, but boy does he make it difficult.

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