Saturday, December 29, 2012

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It's sad to hear that the Indian women who was gang-raped, beaten and abused on a bus has died from her injuries. "Give the harshest of punishments" said the father of some-one being questioned by the police in the matter.

Apparently, many rapes and attacks on women go unreported in India, and the cases that do go to court can languish in the backlog of cases, as the justice system cannot keep up. Hopefully, this case will galvanise the Indian government into action.

Maybe they can outsource?

Harshest of punishments is deserved

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, little will change for Indian women. The misogyny is too deeply ingrained, the hold of religion over rationality too tight.

Here is another example a woman kills herself due to continual harassment from her rapists.

She filed a complaint, but that made matters worse. "Cops at the Badshahpur police post used to summon her there alone late in the evening, and then asked her to narrate what had happened, in graphic detail," alleged the victim's elder sister, Gulshan Kaur.

And the apologists are out in force. "Why was she out late at night". "Couldn't she dress modestly". "She should not have been out with a man".

Of course, this attitude that women ask to be raped is not uncommon among the religious, it is not confined to Hindus and Tamils. It is prevalent in any society where a culture of sexual repression of both men and women and the consistent denigration of women and their rights, where women are cast as temptresses, as agents of Satan.

It doesn't just happen in India.

If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats' or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.

Sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid Hilaly

"How often do we see girls and mature women going around scantily dressed and in provocative clothes?" Piero Corsi said in a Christmas message posted on the door of his church in the small town of San Terenzio in northwest Italy.

"They provoke the worst instincts, which end in violence or sexual abuse. They should search their consciences and ask: did we bring this on ourselves?" it read.

The leaflet, a copy of which was posted online sparking a wave of outrage across the country, said the 118 women killed in acts of domestic violence in Italy in 2012 had pushed men to their limits.

"Is it possible that all of a sudden men have gone mad? We don't believe it," Corsi wrote.

"The fact is that women are increasingly provocative, they become arrogant, they believe themselves to be self-sufficient and end up exacerbating the situation," he said.

Piero Corsi, catholic priest

And some people have the gall to ask "Why are you atheists so angry"?

We're angry that religion enables and protects the most horrid of crimes, that it excuses and sweeps them under the carpet, that it elevates everything that is bad in Man's nature and denigrates his Humanity.

ZenTiger said...

You blame religion in the same way "men" could be blamed for this.

My post title I think is closer to the heart of the matter.

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