Friday, December 21, 2012

Lucia Ruminations on Blogging and Links to Blogs

I started blogging in early 2005 on the now defunct blog, Sir Humphrey's. A couple of years later I moved to this blog and soon after, Sir Humphrey's died, with some of the remaining bloggers moving over to No Minister.

Generally bloggers are quite a helpful bunch. Most will link to other blogger that post regularly on their sites, unless that particular person trolls or they have a major aversion to them. If you look at my sidebar, you'll see quite a few sites that I do not agree with, but that I have some sort of history with, so I link.

Bloggers normally link to other sites, as we all benefit when this is done. Over the last few years, live updates showing the latest post of linked blogs has greatly enhanced the blogging experience. I've noticed quite a few readers use this blog to keep an eye out for new posts of interest in our sidebar.

It's unusual for blogs not to have a sidebar of blogs. When I was at Sir Humphrey's, which was a very popular blog, I considered it a civic duty to link to other, less popular blogs that I thought deserved an audience, or at least a chance. So, Whale Oil Beef Hooked, which is undoubtedly the most popular blog in New Zealand, is somewhat of an anomaly in this regard, as there are no blogs linked to it that I can see, anywhere.

What prompted this rumination is noticing a new conservative blog on KiwiBlog's sidebar. When Sir Humphrey's died, No Minister made it to KiwiBlog's sidebar, this blog didn't. Fair enough, I thought, David Farrar is a liberal and he doesn't like conservatives (or me), therefore it's his call as to whom he links on his sidebar. But over the years, other conservative blogs have made it to his sidebar. At the last count, three of them that are obvious to me.

There are other blogs listed in our sidebar that don't link to us, run by bloggers who have commented here and we there. I supposed I've offended them in some way, as I tend to do that from time to time. Blogging for me is a real test of my charity towards others, and I admit I do fail frequently in this regard.

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Redbaiter said...

Yep he's a liberal it's true and that means he's oh so tolerant except if you're a Conservative.

Trouble is it is such as Farrar who control the National party and have basically made that party a sub group of Labour.

He need not link to you of course but take heart- we will in the end defeat the left. Nothing is surer.

Redbaiter said...

BTW, Farrar has no problem running the feed from the Hand Mirror, a clutch of the most odious Marxist/Stalinists in the NZ blogosphere.

Lucia Maria said...


We link to the HandMirror as well, though my reasons for doing so are really more to keep an eye on them than reciprocation. I supposed I should link to the Greens and the Standard for the same reason, but I need a different category rather than "Friends" in order to do so.

I just want to be clear, David Farrar has every right to link to whoever he wants. If he doesn't want to link here, then he doesn't have to. Maybe we are not writing enough on politics in NZ, but then again, neither does Bob McCoskrie, and his blog is there.

I.M Fletcher said...

We do seem to be on his "Blogroll" page tho -

Lucia Maria said...


Yes, I've noticed that. We occasionally get incoming links from it.

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