Saturday, December 15, 2012

ZenTiger Naked Justice

Getting to be old news now, but a high court in New Zealand has upheld the right to go jogging nude in a case involving a naked man who was arrested by police in a forest in the morning. He scared the willies out of a lady who happened to be walking in the forest, and thought perhaps the man might be insane as well as naked, and that would not be a great combo. But the judge thinks it is alright.

I guess the next time a man turns up in the backyard of a neighbour with their 6 year old daughter, he can simply claim he was out jogging?

But this win is fantastic for my wife, who likes biking without wearing a helmet. The next time she is arrested for riding the bike with a nude head, it's off to the High Court we go, because she can plead that she is a "head naturalist" and declines to wear such items in public places. Sure, you can argue about the need for safety, but don't you tell me a naked man jogging near gorse is a safe activity.

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macdoctor said...

Sadly, the judge would point out that your wife could cycle naked, so long as she was wearing a helmet, but not the other way round

From which we conclude that safety is more important than decency in current society. An interesting reversal of viewpoint over the past 50 years.

Luna said...

Oh good on the man! It was early hours in the morning on a secluded track.
I think the judge would have ruled differently had it been through a crowd of people.

I myself am not a naturalist but think we should be able to reserve the right to be on our NATURAL state at times and places that will cause the least amount of offensive.

Jeepers, people need to consider the situation of his case and stop being so paranoid and PC!!


ZenTiger said...

He wasn't in his natural state - he was wearing shoes.

Anyway, my point is that if my wife is a head naturalist, she should be allowed to be so, presuming that causes the least amount of offense, of course.

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