Friday, January 25, 2013

Andrei Beyond satire

"Clearly unintended pregnancy is an important public health problem for everyone. It seems particularly important for the military population because obviously it can disrupt a woman's career," Grossman said.
It seems 10% of US military women had an "unintended pregnancy" last year.

And this problem takes on greater urgency because the latest success for the "gender is a social construct" crowd is the news that women are to be allowed to deploy in front line combat roles.

My goodness is anyone surprised that "(t)hat figure is also 50 percent higher than rates of unintended pregnancy among similarly aged women the general, non-military public".

What planet are these social engineers from, what fantasy land do they inhabit?

Young women at the age that they serve in the military are designed by nature to get pregnant, it is part of the lifecycle of the human being. And here young women in their years of peak fertility they are confined in close proximity for long periods of time with young men, also in their years of peak fertility.


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Lucia Maria said...

Definitely. Though, I wonder what happens when a female soldier get unintentionally pregnant and she wants to keep the baby? Is there pressure on her to abort?

mark said...

Old news.

Andrei said...

Not old news Mark, they are taking this nonsense to another level

Sb said...

Women in the military have always been in combat positions. Its been a myth that they were not.

All this change in policy is really doing is acknowledging that reality of the situation.

For example a woman in a tank was not allowed because it is a combat position, but a woman driver in the fuel tanker bringing fuel to the tanks was a non-combat position.

A woman radio operator in a patrol was not allowed because its a combat position but a radio operator at the HQ unit at the base that they left from is non-combat therefore allowed to be a woman

This is despite the fact that the enemy may be ignoring the tanks and trying to destroy the fuel tankers and the HQ sometimes gets mortar shells lobbed into it


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