Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lucia More bigotry from Whale

Another post by anti-Catholic bigot, Whale Oil on Catholic Church to retain right to be homophobic bigots in Australia. He says:

The Catholic Church might be complicit in condoning and covering boy buggering but at least they will retain the right to continue to be homophobic bigots in Australia.

Whale Oil's formula when commenting on the Church's opposition to same-sex marriage is to pull out a sin by some of the Church's members and then use that sin as a kudgel to beat down anything the Church might do or say. It's certainly effective to a certain extent about keeping that sin in the public mind. He uses the same technique against teachers as well.

How would it work if everyone applied it? It could get ugly, really ugly.

Not wanting to follow in the footsteps of the Accuser, I remain silent.

Though, the use of the word "might", bolded above by me, seems to indicate a chink in certainty.

The Church is full of sinners in need of redemption, including myself.  It was God's idea to give the job to weak human beings to convert and help others, even though they themselves are not blameless.  I suppose it keeps us humble.

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