Monday, January 21, 2013

Lucia Neanderthal baby

This is just so wrong.

A distinguished scientist is determined to turn back time and recreate a Neanderthal baby – but he needs an adventurous woman to help.

Harvard Medical School genetics professor George Church is adamant he can bring our extinct ancestor back to life now technology is so advanced, but he first needs to find a female willing to carry the baby, the Daily Mail has reported.

Let's just say the scientist succeeded and managed to create a Neanderthal baby, I don't think it would be actually human the way we are, with a body and soul. It would end up being a human looking animal, that is extinct for good reason. Best to keep it that way.

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Sb said...

"I don't think it would be actually human the way we are, "

Well that is of course right in that it would be Homo neanderthalensis whereas we are Homo sapiens but we are both classified as subspecies of "Homo" hence it would be Human just not the same sort of human.

Experts on this sort of thing say there have been (I think) 6 types of humans on this world of which we are the only type that is still around.( there is even a debate as to when/if a 7th will/could appear)

But how do you get from there to saying it would not have a soul?

I can understand saying a Cat or a cow does not have a soul but saying that this creature would not have a soul?

I would have reservations about this experiment because unless they made more than 1 it would be alone, at that does not seem right


David Winter said...

Church is big on announcements, less big on doing stuff, so I doubt this will add to much.

But it's worth noting all humans outside of Africa have Neanderthal genes - there really isn't a bright white line separating us from neandethals

Lucia Maria said...


Adam was the first human being with a soul.

And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

If evolution is correct, and human beings evolved from previous types of humans, then the scripture verse above would refer to a separation of our type of human being from those that came before. And if evolution is not correct, then there is still a separation.

I'm quite happy to believe that God could have used evolution to create Homo sapiens, if He so desired, or not as the scripture does indicate. But it does show that human beings are radically different from animals, and if Neanderthals came before, they would not have been living souls the way Homo sapiens is.

Though, I don't know how Church would create a Neanderthal baby. Would he use a human egg and replace all the inner material with Neanderthal DNA? Maybe using a human egg, no matter what is done to it, would create a living soul anyway?

It does my head in, just thinking about it.

Lucia Maria said...


Interesting link.

Sb said...

"And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul."

That does not say he was the first!

On whether there were Humans before Adam which had souls the bible is silent.

OK it does no say there were - but it also does not say there wasn't either.

I want to see a Mammoth in Auckland zoo - given the progress there it is likely to occur in our lifetime....


Sb said...

Also this

Suggests that Eve was not the first woman but the second!


Lucia Maria said...


Yeah, it does say that Adam was first, because God later says that it's not good for Adam to be alone, and then He creates Eve (from Adam's body) for him.

I'm quite happy to ignore the Lilith story.

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