Friday, January 25, 2013

Lucia Catholic Adoption Agency to lose charitable status in Scotland

A Catholic adoption agency looks to lose it's charitable status in Scotland because it gives priority to Catholic couples who have married for at least two years, and not gay couples.

The OSCR [Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator] report found the agency gives greater priority to prospective adoptive parents who are a couple, Catholic, married for at least two years and wish to adopt within the framework of the Catholic faith.

Because marriage is not yet available to gay couples, the regulator ruled this “constitutes direct discrimination” and breached equality laws because access to the benefit the charity is providing is “unduly restricted”.

“OSCR also finds that this discrimination causes disbenefit to same-sex couples. For these reasons OSCR finds that the charity does not provide public benefit and it therefore fails the charity test,” the report concluded.

Yet another cudgel to beat Catholics into line, the charity status. We're just going to have to fore go it, if governments try to play hardball like this.

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leftrightout said...

And this is how it must be. Notwithstanding the long tradition of Catholicism in Scotland, the State cannot and must not play favourites. The law must apply to all.

et another cudgel to beat Catholics into line, the charity status. We're just going to have to fore go it, if governments try to play hardball like this.

That would be a great move, getting gods' hands out of my pockets. While churches sit on millions of dollars, they expect a free ride from the taxpayer. No more, say I; no more. Pay your way like the rest of us.

Andrei said...

LOL - LRO a usuful idiot for the Godless State.

Why do you think the State can do good works better than the Church LRO.

Things like hospitals, old peoples home and orphanages were invented by th Church before the Church they did not exist

leftrightout said...

Oh andrei, you are so funny. Stop mytholigising, back up the truck and think, for once.

That hospitals are the invention of the church, by which I can only assume you mean the variety of christin churches, would come as quite a surprise to ancient Egyptians and Greeks who had their own form of hospitals.
One of the earliest accounts of a hospital is written in Sanskrit, not Hebrew or Aramaic.

There are also examples of hospitals in the Roman Empire, the first known teaching hospital was in the Persian Empire.

Sure, there are many examples of christian hospitals, but they post date these, and if medicine were still practiced under the guise of Christianity cures would be few and far between. Modern science has given us the enhanced lifespan that makes it necessary for retirement homes.

And as for catholic run orphanages, the less said, the better, I think.

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