Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fletch Russia Banning Promotion of Homosexuality to Children

It's only the first reading of the bill, but it passed 388 to 1 in the Russian parliament: a bill to ban the promotion of homosexuality to children and to fine those who do. Of course, there was a small protest of 20 people. It looks like this will ban gay parades, promotion on TV and other media etc...

The Duma passed the bill in the first of three readings by 388 votes to one, and applause rippled through the chamber. “We live in Russia, not Sodom and Gomorrah,” United Russia deputy Dmitry Sablin said before the vote. “Russia is a thousands-years-old country founded on its own traditional values – the protection of which is dearer to me than even oil and gas.”

The law targets those who promote homosexuality to children, and is designed to bolster family values, according to the MPs who proposed it.

Similar legislation has been passed in several Russian regions over the past two years, including the city of St Petersburg, and now the bill looks set to take hold nationwide. The law envisages fines of up to 5,000 roubles (£100) for individuals, 50,000 (£1,000) for public officials and 500,000 roubles (£10,000) for organisations who are found to be engaging in gay propaganda.

The law will forbid “holding visual events with the participation of homosexuals in places accessible to children”, as well as “approval of homosexual links on television or radio during times when children could be watching”.
What with the high rates of substance abuse, suicide, depression, and disease that are characteristic in the gay community, this has to be a good thing. Of course, this flies in the face of the many countries whose leaders are looking to pass laws legalising same-sex marriage, but it is a start. Perhaps it is Russia who will lead the way back to Judeo-Christian morality and ideals. Who knows?

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Psycho Milt said...

I guess a govt that exists to ensure a suitable operating environment for organised crime has to spend its time doing something other than jailing dissidents and murdering journalists. This does kind of fit with the rest of their programme, I have to admit.

Andrei said...

Milt, Milt, Milt;

Take off your blinkers mate, the Russian Government exists to create an orderly society where the Russian people may live and prosper.

They do not operate under either your assumptions nor your values,

Like any society there are problems to solve.

In particular there is a demographic crisis, a problem we also share btw. The difference is that the Russian Government recognized this issue more than a decade ago and have been working hard to resolve it. Russia needs gay marriage like a hole in the head

They are working to create a pride in the people, to raise them up and have the desire to raise (large) families.

The Russian people are conservative by nature and they see what is happening in the West and do not want the same to happen in their homeland

In particualr gay "marriage" has been an incredible own goal for the gay rights idiots and because other nations see what happens when you give these over indulged hedonists an inch they take a mile,

So nip it ion the bud - they are free to live their own lives but not ram it down everyone elses throats nor claim that it is a valid "lifestyle" with the same validity as hetrosexual family life bvecausae it damn well isn't.

Seán said...

I'm looking for the post on the banning of adoption of Russian babies by Americans....Hmmm, I think we all know the current Russian government lacks credibility in the eyes of the West.

As for the matter of the ban on the promotion of homosexuality among children...since when do children understand the difference? Seems all rather political....

Andrei said...

I'm looking for the post on the banning of adoption of Russian babies by Americans....Hmmm, I think we all know the current Russian government lacks credibility in the eyes of the West.

I nearly fell over laughing, sorry Sean but have you considered that the New Zealand people might not look too approvingly upon foreigners coming to these islands and adopting kiwi kids to raise in their own homelands according their own customs and traditions?

And if New Zealanders wouldn't like it why should the Russian people like it any better?

And do you not think the Western Governments might lack credibility in the eyes of many Russians?

When I was young I was told of a prophecy that Russia would be one day be called upon to re- Christianize the West. It seemed absurd at the time, it is now looking ever more plausible with each passing day

Seán said...

You may fall over laughing Andrei, but no I do not care that foreigners may adopt NZ babies that otherwise would be aborted.

And if we are talking about born children, unwanted by their NZ parents, then no, I have no problem with foreign parents who will care and nurture these young humans, irrespective of the eventual local culture.

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