Saturday, February 16, 2013

ZenTiger Beware the moderates

Liberals busy attacking Prosser for his rant against Muslims seem to be worried that saying such things is dangerous around Muslims. Consider this somewhat unguarded statement by Sean Plunket:

"Here's hoping Mr Prosser hasn't convinced any moderate young New Zealand Muslim to strap on a bomb or hijack a plane because people like him will never let them truly belong in our country"

and that's just the moderates that Sean Plunket typecasts as prone to flipping out completely. I suspect Sean hasn't quite realised that such statements actually suggest Prosser's sentiments dwell even within the PC crowd - this fear that moderates are merely one bad word away from becoming extremists.

Aside from that amusing slip, Sean's article was actually quite good - it made some good points and fun of the MPs scrambling to declare that what one MP says might not reflect their views. Yes, very important to establish that in front of the offended moderates (aka potential extremists). It's hilarious.

It's also instructive. The "moderate" PC liberal mindset is akin to the frog placed in a warm pot. They sit back and let things slowly warm up around them, advocating that there is nothing wrong with the pot being heated, because they've set the dial to heat slower - abortion, euthanasia, the destruction of the family - just heat the pot slowly, continuously, and it will all turn out just fine. Muslim moderates are the least of our worries - it's the liberal moderates that will boil us.

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Psycho Milt said...

So, Plunket's view is that the kind of people who'd engage in mass murder because someone says they don't belong here, actually do belong here? He obviously has a very low opinion of us...

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