Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lucia Inappropriate acts by top cardinal

Oh no, not another one!

At least there's no children or teenagers involved.

Related link: UK's top cardinal accused of 'inappropriate acts' by priests ~ The Guardian

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Andrei said...

It is pretty damn thin Lucia - maybe there is some truth to it maybe not, but it is all part of Hell's ongoing campaign to discourage believers.

I used to think that homosexuality was a minor thing, a typical, banal human sin but now I see it as an abomination that pollutes and perverts everything it touches and is quite vile

Lucia Maria said...


I would have thought it was thin too, but it's three priests and an ex-priest who complained to the Nuncio. And as Whale Oil has pointed out (much as I hate to give him this), the Cardinal has recently been speaking out about allowing priests to marry. So, it's as if he doesn't quite understand the whole being a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven, thing. In a Catholic Cardinal, that is somewhat worrying.

Andrei said...

but it's three priests and an ex-priest who complained to the Nuncio

Yeah Lucia but they are unnamed and you can count on it that there are some disgruntled priest in the diocese and some activist ones.

The question has to be why now just when it serves maximum political purpose?

Not saying its not true but I'm in grain of salt mode.

As for the married priests thing all he really said was that it was possible and it might help address some of the problems in the Church.

And it is possible, its not like female priests which are not, because there are today and always have been even in Southern Italy married priests in full communion with the Pope

Anonymous said...

At the request of reggie ( I've decided to make a return.

been lurking, but avoided posting as my anger at the cover up of abusing priests is white hot.

Pleased to see you acknowledge a report, and not to try to mount a defence, lucia, although Andrei can always be counted on to trot out the "satanic line".

In other news, Archbishop Dolan has been deposed and Roger Mahony is about to be. Dolan is suspected of covering up abuse, Mahony of shielding accused priests from the law. Evidence is pretty strong, 12,000 pages of the church's own files.

In Australia, Archbishop Denis Hart has finally seen sense and removed Father Tom Knowles from one of the nation's busiest churches just weeks after reinstating him.

Ms Herrick was 19 years old and suffering from bilateral congenital hip dysplasia - which caused her to walk with an highly abnormal gait - when Father Knowles, who was her family priest, began cultivating a relationship with her and her extended family.
Three years later, the priest initiated sexual intercourse with Ms Herrick, who had not had sex before. The sexual relationship continued for 14 years and Ms Herrick later described it to church investigators as abusive and exploitative conduct.

Keep up the good work, Lucia, there are many more who need to be exposed.

Andrei said...

Contain yourself LRO. you might burst a blood vessel and have a stroke, else.

Some of you stories are recycled, some will go nowhere and the last one is just a sad tale of the tawdryness of human beings, a common enough story alas, an adult male has an affair with an adult female, its interest to you only lies in the fact the cad was a priest, If he were one of ours he's be defrocked the instant it came to light. Whether that is right or not is a matter for debate I suppose.

If he were a politician of the left variety his behaviour would be a badge of honour cf William Jefferson Clinton.

People with agendas lie and distort all the tim

Muerk said...

To be fair to LRO when sexual scandal or abuse comes to light then those priests should pretty much lose their public ministry. Priests are in a position of power, similar to doctors or counselors, it is completely inappropriate for them to have intimate relationships with their parishioners. Of course as well as that priests are supposed to be celibate given their moral obligation to the Church.

It's high time the Church had a good clear out of priests who for whatever reason can't live out their vocation because of sexual sin. Bishops who allowed predatory priests to continue their abuse should resign and do public penance.

I also think it's time for the Church to more actively promote chastity and fidelity to her lay members. Sex outside of marriage, contraception, abortion and divorce are rife. How can we expect our clergy to be paragons of virtue and discipline when our lay people are fornicating? It's time the Church was a bit more "in the world but not of the world".

Andrei said...

Agree with everything you say Muerk except
"How can we expect our clergy to be paragons of virtue and discipline when our lay people are fornicating? " which seems back to front, it is the priests who must set the standards if their flocks are to follow.

That is why Priests who publically fall short should either be sent to a monastry to repent for the rest of their lives or be defrocked

Muerk said...


I think it goes both ways - both the clergy and the lay need discipline and virtue. It feeds into each other. But yeah, I agree with you clergy should lead the way.

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