Thursday, February 14, 2013

ZenTiger Gender discrimination bad, age discrimination good

A fantastic win for the ladies. No more Gender Discrimination in the EU!

Apparently a recent EU ruling has banned using gender as a basis for setting insurance costs. So for male drivers under 24, car insurance premiums go down by up to 50%, whilst for females under 24 they go up. Now I thought the reality was that more males get into car accidents that females, and so the premiums reflect some element of risk based on AGE and GENDER.

So, with this latest win for those promoting a genderless society, why is it OK to discriminate against age? Well, actually, it isn't if one applies the same reasoning. Today it's car insurance, and does that mean tomorrow it is health insurance? Health insurance premiums for males are usually much higher than a female of the same age, and way higher than younger people.

As all forms of discrimination are stamped out, the end result of this will be that the people that should pay higher premiums, will pay lower premiums as others bear the risk, and those that were "safe" bets, will finally decide it's not worth paying 12 times the cost of their current premiums as they don't want to subsidize everyone else. Maybe the demographics are changing on car insurance, but even if so, what's the problem? The insurance companies will soon adjust rates to reflect the statistics. That's what they have always done - so why does the EU feel the need to manipulate the premiums? Obviously, they are convinced there are no differences between men and women, or at least between male and female drivers. Well congratulations girls - you now pay double for the privilege of equality.

Some theorise this will actually reduce the number of women drivers - perhaps whilst they tend to earn less money (perhaps the EU should have fixed that one first?), it means the higher premiums will hit them harder? It's enough to make them go out and booze and get smashed every night hoping a sober male will drive them home.

Whilst I think the new-world liberals are keen on genderless discrimination though, I'm not so sure they are ready to apply the same principles to age. No, to solve the age problem, they have another policy to promote: voluntary euthanasia for people who have met their use-by date.

Happy Valentines Day. What do you make of this law?

Driving gender equality

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