Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lucia Massive attack on Pope Benedict

Well, it seems all the anti-Catholics are out in force, casting aspersions on the character of Pope Benedict, accusing him of covering up child abuse in the Church, when he has done the most in the Church to combat it.

They think that there is something explosive that Pope Benedict is running from that has forced him to abdicate, disregarding the notion that the burdens and workload of the papacy, which would be very difficult for men much younger to keep up with, and his advanced age of 85 at which few are active in public life and then only as figureheads such as Queen Elizabeth II, might actually be the real reason why he is moving aside for someone younger!

No, no, it has to be some nefarious reason, he can't just abdicate! They probably think this because of idea of relinquishing power just like that seem inexplicable to them, so there must be a hidden reason.

How many of them think they'd be capable of running a world-wide organisation at 85, or do they just envisage themselves in a retirement home where the most effort they have to exert is trying to figure out what tv show to watch?

Pope Benedict XVI is really old. Can people not get that?

From an eyewitness:

When I stood opposite the Holy Father on October 31, 2012, I was struck by his frailty. He seemed to be a mere spirit, fulfilling with the utmost effort and devotion his duty to greet a dozen people personally.

That's not the only reference to his frailty that I've seen.

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