Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ZenTiger Brain washed Chinese condemn man for having children

"Even as China is softening its one-child policy, one if its most renowned film directors is finding himself in trouble for violating the nation's infamous family planning law."

Yes indeed. He fathered three children. This has caused outrage amongst the brainwashed population:

"Zhang's breach of the policy has set off a firestorm, especially among netizens who resent how the rich and famous in China flout rules and policies. JinqiuT wrote on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like microblogging service: Celebrities should abide laws and rules as common people."

When the government subjects its citizens to a constant diet of its own propaganda, the population eventually come to believe that justice is reached by obeying the law, not flouting it. This is why their society accepts millions of forced abortions every year. Or maybe they are not all forced. Maybe there are huge queues of women asking for their babies to be terminated? Certainly, in India, the quickest way of being killed is for the Doctor to reveal that your unborn baby is female.

It must be terrible to be so brainwashed that deliberate infanticide and forced abortions have become so accepted. What kind of society is truly healthy with those attitudes?

That could never happen in our society, of course.

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