Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fletch Punk Rocker Returns To Catholic Faith

Terry Chimes (second from Left) with Punk-rock band, The Clash
The Catholic Herald has a great article about Terry Chimes, erstwhile drummer for The Clash and other bands, who describe his return to Catholicism.

In his autobiography, The Strange Case of Doctor Terry and Mr Chimes, baptised Catholic Terry Chimes, who drummed on The Clash’s eponymous debut album and toured with the band in the early 1980s, writes about his journey back to the Catholic faith.

Chimes describes stumbling across a copy of CS Lewis’s book Mere Christianity at a car boot sale in 1998 and reading about Lewis’s analysis of the sin of pride.

Chimes said: “There was a chapter entitled The Great Sin. The great sin is pride, the tendency we all have to think we are better than someone else. I had always known that pride existed but wondered why it’s referred to as the great sin. That was until I realised the significance of pride as an obstacle to spiritual growth.

“The problem with pride is that those who have the most see it the least. CS Lewis said that if you have done some good works, read some spiritual books, perhaps practiced meditation or given up drinking and you take pride in that, thinking that you are more spiritual than someone else, then Satan will rub his hands with glee, because he will have caught you in a spiritual trap from which escape is very difficult.”

He continued: “As I read those words I had the chilling awareness that I have been in just such a trap for twenty years. I put the book down and went to sit on the sofa. I was reeling from the realisation that I’d been in a trap for all of that time. Within minutes I was having the most extraordinary experience of my life.”

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Lucia Maria said...

Anyone who is in the public eye is generally a good person to highlight as more people know of them and will be interested.

Francis Ritchie said...

Ooh, you guys have implemented Disqus! Brilliant :)

I like this. Mere Christianity was the first book I read on faith when I got serious about what I believe. I remember sitting in my car at lunchtimes as an apprentice painter and decorator and reading a chapter a day. It was brilliant and formational.

Fletch said...

A great book! Lewis has the knack of just making things so clear.

Ryan O'Shea said...

well it's really not such a big leap to go from Punk rock socialist to catholicism, after all Jesus was a socialist

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