Sunday, January 12, 2014

ZenTiger Hitting back at the MSM slanderous opinion pieces

Reading from the playbook

I am writing in response to the slanderous hit-piece you published on Cory Bernardi on 10 January 2014 (False Conservatives Mask Right-Wing Misfits”. As a member of the fourth estate I accept that you can have no conception, no understanding of Conservatism. I further understand you write for Fairfax and it’s your job to shill for the ALP and Greens. Normally, I would give the diatribes written by you and your ilk the attention they deserve (so do most people, it seems, given how Fairfax’s circulation seems to be falling at a pace commensurate with its leftist bias), but in this case I feel your lies, half-truths and misrepresentations require answer.

Yep, rather than report the news objectively, the newspaper is merely a vehicle for opinions.  Far too often, these are ill-informed and biased opinions. Clear encroachment on the domain of the blog. Equally, the blog is seen increasingly as a useful counter-point to some of the drivel we are feed from the lame stream media.

The counter-point to the print media's opinion is worth a read, even if you haven't been tracking the media storm that such journalists have attempted to whip up.

Crusader Rabbit: Open Letter to Nick Dyrenfurth

The slanderous hit piece which provoked the above response is actually quite funny, revealing some major mental disconnects that will only help strengthen the Conservative movement.

Things like not quite understanding abortion is a death industry (hello, is life forcibly terminated or is it not? Euphemisms don't change that particular fact).

Or not accepting the academic literature that children from traditional two parent families generally have better outcomes in life over other family structures. Hello? You really think single parenting or the inevitable stresses created from divorce and the complexities of blended families aren't going to have an impact, statistically speaking?

The supposed "intellectualism" of the liberal progressive is eventually going to unravel. Moments like this only reinforce this thought.

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