Thursday, January 2, 2014

ZenTiger Sugar Tax

A new cigarette tax came into force 1 January, building on the progressive taxes already imposed. That makes cigarettes $22 a pack (per 25). Smoking is now an addiction presumably only the rich and the criminal can contemplate.

Perhaps smokers are considering swapping to P or Heroin or crack cocaine. They may well be a more economical addiction, and help take the mind of the craving for smokes.

Who knows? Meanwhile, flushed with the success of the smoking tax, the call for a tax on sugar is looking sweeter each day.

In the 2000AD comic series, the cities of the future were regulated by Judges with the power to convict on the spot.  I remember a scene where Judge Dredd breaks into an apartment to find an elderly couple having a cup of tea. It all looked pretty normal, until Dredd tasted the contents of the sugar bowl. Was the evil white substance cocaine? Nope, sugar. But sugar was a banned substance in the future, so the couple were hauled off for a stretch in the iso-cubes.  Those writers were pretty much spot on.

I link to an article which continues the theme of fighting obesity with taxes. Lots of taxes.

It may work, or it may spawn a whole new set of products that use artificial sweeteners -the type that don't cause obesity, just bowel cancer and ruined taste buds.  I hate the stuff - it leaves a bad after taste.

It also leaves me wondering if old people wanting a cup of tea with a spoonful of sugar will likely opt for euthanasia instead.  It's probably the one thing that wont be taxed.

Sugar Tax: Miracle Cure

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pmilt said...

So, a guy from a company selling bottled water and water coolers would like the government to handicap his main competition, the manufacturers of sugary drinks? I guess that shouldn't be surprising, but the Herald publishing it as an op-ed piece about health is.

ZenTiger said...

Well spotted.

Somewhere, some-one in the fracking industry is thinking that if plastic bottles of water could be taxed, there would be more fresh water for fracking.

Although, surely there is a market opportunity to pump diet cola into the ground instead?

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