Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fletch Donate To Help Kill Children and Receive FREE Gift

A U.S website for the DC Abortion Fund (an organisation that gives grants to women who cannot afford abortion) has a page where you can donate $10 a month to (as they put it), "make abortion access a reality for women in our community!". Just for donating, they'll send you a nice necklace with a coathanger hanging off of it. Yes, you read that right - a coathanger! (see the image).

It looks like they're not trying to disguise it anymore, or sugarcoat what it is they're doing; it's brutally honest and out in the open. It's the killing of unborn children.


h/t National Review Online

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Andrei said...

We live in a time and culture that has turned its face against God and all that is decent and good.

How can anybody possibly hold the death of innocents as something worthy of praise rather than what it is a true horror and a mark of shame

Kathleen said...

These abortion people keep getting more disgusting by day.

Peter Cresswell said...

Um, no. The coathanger symbolises the sort of treatment dished out under religious repression. When...
"The ancients are coming by camel or limousine
To criminalize your body and call it obscene..."

mjaew said...

If I follow your logic, you are blaming Christians for the type of instruments used by the abortionist as the treatment. If that logic stands, then I guess the bombs [used in bombing abortion clinics] symbolise the sort of treatment dished out under secular repression.
Obviously both are false and it would never work in a Court [of law or of public opinion]. How can one group blame the other group for what it claims the other group brought upon the first group when it was the first group that engaged in the behaviour? That is an abdication of responsibility for your own actions. There was no Christian responsible by introducing the coat hangar to procure the abortion, just as there is no pro-abortion person responsible for introducing the bomb at the clinic.

Fletch said...

Thought I'd put this related link here as well so I don't lose it. Article about evidence that pre-Roe coathanger abortions are a myth.

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