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Lucia Babies left to die

One of the dangers of reading about abortion, is that you find out just human beings are capable of that you would rather not know.

For instance, the concept that doctors and nurses in a hospital can leave a born baby to die. Not because that baby is dying and is beyond help anyway, which really would be bad enough if that were the case. But because that baby was supposed to die in the first place. A baby that by pure chance has managed to survive the abortion process and has been born alive is left to die because that baby is not supposed to live.

Now most people manage to compartmentalise abortion into something that happens internally in a woman's body that has nothing to do with them. If the baby inside the woman is not wanted, then of course the woman ought be allowed to hire someone to take it out of her. And I suppose it is considered more humane to kill the poor thing before it knows what is going on or before it's old enough to realise that it's mother didn't want it. Kill the baby, sorry, fetus, instead. Problem over.

But how many people, when presented with a live baby, right in front of them, would make the same choice of death for the baby? Well, it seems that in 66 cases in Britain last year, babies that were supposed to die in the abortion procedure were born alive, and left to die. Some of those babies lived for an hour or so, breathing independently.

Now I personally see no difference between killing a baby inside his or her mother's womb and killing that same baby once they are born. Both acts are crimes of the most heinous nature. But for some reason, even I am more revolted by people leaving babies to die once they are born. I think it's because I know it's harder for people to allow others to die if that person is right in front of them, dying, and they do nothing, than it is if there is some level of separation from that person. If you can't see their eyes.

So to be unmoved by these babies and to allow death in this way, those medical staff must have gotten so callous after the killing of so many others, that they were physically and emotionally incapable of being moved. Much like death camp guards, there must be a point where a person doesn't even identify the baby as a human being, and therefore switches off any thought of action that would be required of a normal person in that position where they have a small baby in front of them that needs warmth and attention.

If you've got this far through my post and are still reading, I hope that at least some of the horror of abortion has penetrated. It's so easy to ignore what is happening because it's not visible. It's hidden behind the cold, sterile walls of medical facilities where the staff ought to be helping and saving lives - not taking them.

But it gets worse. There is now a push for mandatory eugenic abortion in Holland. It's not surprising, really. We value human life so little that mandatory abortion for the unfit is just the next logical step.

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scrubone said...

You are quite right Lucyna - I know someone who used to be a nurse who once told me some very similar tales.

What abortion has done to our society is just ugly.

MathewK said...

Good on you Lucyna, more people need to realise the cruelty and plain reality. The unborn are the most vulnerable and deserving of the most protection, yet in this 'up is down' world, we seem hell-bent on protecting them the least.

Anonymous said...

This may turn your stomach!

Book Reveals Fetal Soup Served in Chinese Restaurants
The Seven Sorrows of China gives heart-wrenching accounts of the
brutality of China's one-child policy.

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

February 1, 2008 ( - Dr. Mark Miravalle's sobering
book, The Seven Sorrows of China, gives, in heart-wrenching detail,
accounts of the brutality of the one-child policy and its effects on
the Chinese people.

Dr. Miravalle's account of his often intense experiences as he travels
through modern China provides a disturbingly realistic picture of life
outside of Beijing.

The following is an excerpt from Part III of Dr. Miravalle's book,
entitled The Third Sorrow: Abortion Without Conscience: The
Indoctrination of a Nation: "The most alarming," he writes, the most
depressing, the most Copernican revelation of all that I have been
exposed to (including the yet more grisly examples to follow), is the
repeated refrain that the great majority of the people in China have
lost any concept that there is anything at all wrong with having an
abortion. It is considered less significant than a flu shot, a minor
procedure like going to the dentist, a simple solution to a simple
problem that doesn't merit any soul searching for any alternative

China has become a nation who without conscience aborts their own
future generations. And this is Satan's ultimate victory here. Is this
conscience loss regarding the transcendent dignity and inherent right
of human life to be blamed exclusively on atheistic Communism? Have
not the recent influences of Western morals of secular humanism,
materialism, hedonism, and ultimately unmitigated egoism, also
contributed to this Chinese terrorism of the womb? In any case, the
combination amounts to self-inflicted Chinese genocide, which so
saddens the God that creates and loves the ethnical uniqueness of

New macabre manifestations of this conscienceless abortion mentality
include the recent opening of five restaurants in the region of X,
which began serving "fetal soup" at the price of 300 Yuan
(approximately $40) a bowl! Recent medical publications have praised
the exceptional health benefits for the consuming of "fetal remains"
(this jargon allows them to overlook what this really is-unborn baby
bodies). Therefore, local entrepreneurs jumped on the opportunity to
distribute this new health breakthrough to the chosen few who could
afford the price. So evil and scandalous is this fetal soup trade that
the Government shut down the Web sites advertising the restaurants, in
fear that they would scandalize the reputation of the People's
Republic to outside countries and businesses.

Is it possible that the abortion holocaust and its rejection of life's
sacred dignity has also contributed to the recent practice of "ghost
wives," as recently reported in Chinese news sources This is the
practice of providing a woman's dead body to be buried with a deceased
man so that the man will have company in the "next life." Distributors
of the dead bodies of women found that men were willing to pay much
more for a "new" dead body of a woman, rather than one previously
preserved. Murder of women from out-of-the-way places ensued to fill
the new demand for the fresh ghost wives.

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