Monday, February 25, 2008

Lucia Kerre on NewsTalk ZB

Kerre Woodham seems to be losing it on the radio tonight. And her show has only started.

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Anonymous said...

she's gonna get it. Oh- no she's calling us all hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

So what do I do now, mention the spelling mistake or just leave it?

Lucia Maria said...

Have you ever phoned up?

Seán said...

What did she say?

Anonymous said...

Meh.. radio hosts are professional trolls. At least blog discussions require a minimum level of literacy, Kerre is just reaching out to the lowest common denominator.

Anonymous said...

Meh.. radio hosts are professional trolls.

I take exception to that, Ropata ;)

Lucia Maria said...

Sean, she was defending the bad boy cricketer that hurt his hand by being incredibly argumentative with a number of people that disapproved of his behaviour. If there hadn't been a phone line separating her from the callers, I wouldn't be surprised if there would have been a bit of biffo.

The gist of it was that anyone who is brilliant and "swashbuckling" is also a little mad, therefore any bad behaviour needs to be tolerated by us all and anyone that expects a higher standard of someone in the public eye is expecting too much of the brilliant 23 year old.

I've phoned up talk shows 3 times last year. One good experience, two bad. I've learned it's better not to phone up if you disagree with the host. They have the button that turns you off. Far better to blog, anyway.

Seán said...

Thanks for that. Yeah, I'm usually pretty sceptical of Kerre's opinion pieces. I think she sometimes just likes to be a bit controversial to make/maintain a name for herself.

Greg said...

Disagree with all.

No horrors in him being drunk. Just tour courtney plc or central dunedin after a rugby/cricket test and you'll see the 'role models' out and about.

Frankly, he's just incredibly mind-bogglingly UNLUCKY!
He was drunk and hurt his hand trying to access an unnecessarily locked toilet.
Likewise, I'm not suprised he got angry at A&E.
His life is his hand!
Would a violinist not get angry if her hand were crushed in a silly accident?

But now he's screwed isn't he! Tagged 'bad boy' by a media that apparently has never touched a drop of the evil liquor nor acted the goat in public.

Most hypocritical is the puritanical mewwing of the national sports bodies who gorge themselves on beer industry money.

Greg said...

actually, my greatest concern is that you actually listen in to Kerre Woodham!!

far too dangerous for your cardiovascular health.

Lucia Maria said...

Greg, you are right to be concerned! I hardly ever listen to her, but from time to time I will turn on the radio in the evening. And everytime I do listen, I find it so annoying I don't do it again for a while. Daytime talkback is far less distressing.

Greg said...

also, contrast the response of the media to Ryder compared to certain league star featured on the cover of New Idea this week.

Ryder gets hammered acts silly and is treated like he's killed a sackful of puppies.

The league star gets hammered after arguing with his new wife, picks up and has sex with a random woman. He is treated with a misty-eyed cover story.

The week before there was a story about recently separated from his 2nd wife Jonah taking off with the new wife of an Auckland player. Again, no "judgment" and perpetuation of the iconstatus

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