Friday, February 29, 2008

ZenTiger Roman Times Are Over

DPF blogs a recent conversation that included lots of wine and loud swearing in a public place. The topic of bad language? Fonts. Times Roman and others I shall not mention in polite company. Reminds me of a post I made back in July 2005 on this very topic. Strangely, it generated more comments than I was expecting. Actually, I wasn't really expecting any. It's almost comforting to know that war could break out over the continued use of this evil font.

My Original Post: Is it just me, or is Times Roman (the font) ugly? Give me Tahoma, Verdana or even Trebuchet any day. At a pinch I'll take Arial, and even Courier can look good in the right circumstances. But Times Roman? I'll have my serifs with sans, thank you very much. Send their serifs to the gladiators - Roman Times are history.

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Original Safety Warning: Times Roman is History

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Greg said...


go to youtube and watch the video on "Trajan is the Movie Font"

ZenTiger said...

Wow, Trajan is the hidden trojan of movie fonts. I had no idea how certain fonts are extending their insidious claws out across the globe.

We must fight back. Time I think to require visitors to declare any font alliances up front. There's freedom, but there is also a certain amount of integrity required, je pense.

I.M Fletcher said...

I remember reading, or someone telling me, that serif fonts came about in Roman times (get it?) because when the letters were chiseled into stone, the stone would crack if a little serif was not put at the ends to stop the crack continuing on - much like what happens with a crack in your windscreen.

As I wrote on DPF's site though, experts reckon the serif family is easier to recognize and read if you have to slog through a lot of text.

The PDF HERE makes a case for Adobe Garamond as the text for reading printed material.

ZenTiger said...

Oh yes, I see their plan. Not just Garamond, but Adobe Garamond. Why don't they just come out with it and add the damn copyright and trademark symbols?


Seán said...

Yes, Times Roman is dead...why is it still the Word template default in this day and age!!?

Verdana good for web pages, Arial good for Word docs, esp letters.

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