Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ZenTiger Comment for the Faithfull

I made a passing comment on DimPost concerning his review of the recent National Party Conference. I've scrapbooked it here because I felt like it.
I suppose this leaked comment Could have come through anytime,
Clarkson’s Brethren joke somewhat Cold lonely, puritan.
To those little Labour Gremlins - What are you fighting for?
Don’t need your spin. Its not my security.

The polls? Labour versus National, but Its just an old war,
Every three years - Not even a cold war.
Solzhenitsyn is dead. Don’t say it in Russian.
The Berlin Wall is down. Don’t say it in German.
Bill may have said it. Say it.
Say it in Broken English.

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KG said...

Marianne without the language, eh...very nice!

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