Friday, August 15, 2008

Lucia Pro-Soviet Propaganda Oozing from the Dominion Post

Pro-Soviet propaganda is oozing from the Dominion Post. Yesterday there was an editorial and an article from Gorbachev, and today chief Soviet apologist, Chris Trotter, is unleashed. We all know where Chris stands on the Soviets. A number of years ago he wrote an opinion piece excusing Soviet hesitation when faced with the destruction of Warsaw by the Nazis in 1944. Only a true Soviet supporter could excuse what occurred there.

But wait, wasn't the Soviet Union disbanded in 1990? Err, yes. Tell that to Russia who seems to think she still can "defend" territory not her own and then use that "defence" as a means to take over a former satellite. But the Dom Post editors seem think this view is the correct one, with what was said in the editorial yesterday:
That means accepting Russia's message that this affair is Moscow's business, and the West should butt out."
Pretty clear when the Dom Post stands, then.

Other former satellites are suitably nervous, but have more of a clue that our Soviet supporters here in New Zild.

Meanwhile the firing of ballistic missiles into Georgia by Russia has prompted the signing of the missile defence agreement between Poland and the US with additional guarantees that the US would come to Poland's aid if attacked. Hmm, who would possibly attack Poland?

Things are heating up and the best that the Dominion Post can do is act like a mouthpiece for Pravda. True colours are showing, guys.

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Psycho Milt said...

The funniest thing about it is that Putin's model is Hitler, not any of the Soviet leaders. When you look at what he says about his intentions for Russia, you get a picture of his job being to ensure that his country is not merely strong, but dominant and feared; democracy is a recipe for weakness, not strength, as demonstrated by the weaklings running western European countries; diplomacy is simply a handy way of sowing enough doubt about your intentions that you get more time to carry them out; and the bottom line is strength and the will to use it. You have to look to Hitler and Mussolini for similar approaches - forget the Soviets.

Re the diplomacy part, look at Medvedev being the gracious diplomat with Chamberlain, er sorry, Sarkozy - talking ceasefires, while Russian troops take up positions around Gori (as filmed by an English team and shown on TV3 last night). The talk's helpfully providing time while a beachhead inside Georgia can be established and a fait accompli delivered. You can call Godwin's Law all you want, but that's Hitler to a tee.

The memory of Trotter backing this stuff will stay with me a long time.

...additional guarantees that the US would come to Poland's aid if attacked

The Poles are slow learners, then? Once bitten, twice shy, you'd think...

Lucia Maria said...

PM, that's why they are getting a permanent US base and the anti-missile defence system.

Psycho Milt said...

Personally, I think the Americans are in no better position to act on such a promise than Chamberlain was.

Not to worry though - he won't be bothering Poland until after he's finished with Ukraine, and presumably the Baltic republics. By that time even the EU will have figured out they have to do something about it.

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