Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ZenTiger How long is an 8 year sentence?

Under Labour, 8 years and 3 months for rape lasts less than 3 years. Not quite my definition of justice.

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mojo said...

Aha, a travesty really. One of the primary roles, perhaps the major one in fact, of the justice system is to take over the individual's right to retribution for criminal offending against them. This makes what was a fine discrimination somewhat finer ... our parole boards are somewhat questionable on the finer discriminations.

Anonymous said...

Be glad Zen, cops don't normally get convicted of such trifling mishaps as rape, beating suspects in custody, breaking their necks, etc.

Judges do need discretion to take varying factors into consideration when determining sentences, it would be nice if they kept unrepentant serious offenders in for more than a third of the sentence.

Notice a judge today reluctantly sent a sex attacker to jail for a couple of years - because he had family support! If he was so well supported, why did he attack a girl and molest her?

Still, restorative justice processes should get better solutions than locking people up and throwing away the key, which is what the Nats want... ;(

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