Monday, November 3, 2008

ZenTiger TUMEKE Stats for October 2008

It's ratings time again. I now gather our blog stats to save Tim of Tumeke some time. Last month we ranked 24. We seem to have a small but regular group of readers and quite a few casual and occasional drop ins.

It's been hard to put the time in on so many posts I have yet to do, but my co-authors have picked up the slack and that's been great, as it adds a good level of variety of topic or perspective, aside from the fact that we are pegged as a Conservative/Catholic blog.

The election heats up, and that might be increasing the hit count of all blogs who mention Winston, Batman, H1 or flogging off State Owned Assets (like your mortgage or bank deposits in about 4 months time). And Michael Phelps still pops up on the Google list of incoming search terms, brought in by this post: Michael Phelps Training Secrets. Amazing.

Stats for October 2008:

A. Visitors: 6,165 (5,909)
B. Pageloads: 11,091 (10,772)
C. Average Daily Unique Visits: 199 (197)
D. Alexa World Ranking: 395,237 (422,267)
E. Alexa NZ Ranking: 654 (812)
F. Technorati Authority: 55 (56)
G. Technorati Ranking: 109,933 (121,856)
H. Number of Posts: 67 (68)
I. Average Weekly Posts: 15 (16)
J. Average of Highest Weekly Comments: 31 (32)

TUMEKE SCORE (C)199 + (F)55 + (I)15 + (J)31 = 300 (301)

Ranking previous months: [24,23,15,22,21,19,18,16,22]
Scores Previous Months: [301,330,367,280,327,329,343,362,263]

Note: Sometimes the scores Tumeke record are a few points out from my recordings, as Tumeke may check Technorati and Alexa ratings several days after EOM, and they tend to fluctuate to some degree.

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