Monday, March 25, 2013

Andrei Biting my tongue

This Post was written Thursday 21st March 2013 but held until today

We all know that the New York Times is no friend of the Catholic Church and will produce stories to undermine her and the Faithful's morale in any way they can and at every opportunity.

And there are Catholics who will seize on these stories to spread disharmony among the Faithful, including those of us on the other side of the divide of the divided Church.

But it is Lent and Lent on this side of the divide began on Monday but not only on this side but for some on the Catholic side Lent began then as well.

And on the first Thursday of Great Lent the fourth part of Canon of St Andrew of Crete, the first three parts being read on the preceeding nights.

And there are Eastern Catholics who will be singing this on this night as well as shown below. We need to put aside all the nonsense and pap of the world as often as we can and not allow others to mislead us to further their personal agendas.

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