Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucia On sexual difference in marriage and bathrooms

Recently, Massachusetts has started enforcing the rights of confused boys or girls to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex, if they feel they are of that gender. All of this type of social engineering has been gathering momentum since Massachusetts redefined marriage ten years ago, and if you don't think both are logically connected, read this:

...if sexual difference is irrelevant to marriage, then how can it be relevant to any practices? Once the state has determined that sexual difference is no longer a legitimate reason to extend special recognition to man-woman monogamy, there is no reason in principle to maintain sexual distinctions in less intimate practices. If one’s anatomical reality isn’t relevant to one’s marriage, it’s even less obvious why it should be relevant to one’s bathroom choice.

Children don't even get the choice to disagree:

The regulations suggest that students who don’t endorse a fellow student’s gender identity may be subject to punishment. After condemning bullying, the directive endorses a memorandum that a Massachusetts school principal sent to teachers instructing them to discipline students who intentionally refer to a transgender student by his or her given name, or the pronoun corresponding to his or her anatomical sex. Such behavior “should not be tolerated.”

Redefining marriage will have all sorts of impacts that today's liberals are just totally unaware of, that they refuse to even consider even though warnings have been given.  As in my previous post, they are blindly believing that history only progresses - not regresses.

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