Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucia They need a woman looking after them!

The thing with married opposite sex couples that in general men and women will make up for the lack in the other. But in same-sex couples that make-up is missing. There's no woman to make sure the gay man takes his vitamins and goes to before 11pm and there's no man taking the stress away from the lesbian woman who is freaking out about things that women freak out about. Though it seems that men suffer more from a lack of a woman than women do from the lack of a man.

LANSING, MI, February 28, 2013, ( – A new study has found that gay and lesbian couples are less likely to be healthy than heterosexual couples, a finding that confirms traditional claims that homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle.

This study, published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, found the starkest of contrasts when it narrowed its focus to homosexual couples living together as contrasted with married heterosexual couples.

It found that same-sex cohabiting men were 61 percent more likely to report “poor or fair health” than an equitable number of men reporting from heterosexual marriages. Same-sex cohabitating women were 46 percent more likely to report the same when compared to heterosexual married women.

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