Saturday, March 30, 2013

ZenTiger Whaleoil and the need to demonize

I have a theory that Whaleoil needs to make anyone who disagrees with him evil, so he can justify to himself his own bad behaviour and the vitriol he heaps on others, like Lucia and Andrei. It would be a refreshing change of character to see Whaleoil act with a little more common decency, instead of this incessant character assassination.

It was like this on the smacking debate, where any parent that would consider physical discipline one option out of many as part of parenting had to be cast as a child abuser, and on this particular debate it is equally important to cast any one who thinks the word marriage has a specific definition, has to be cast as homophobic to justify their own intolerance for different view points. Personally, seeing genuine debate of different perspectives reduced to calling people "haters" is of major concern to me when looking for signs that liberal/progressive intolerance for anyone against their views is increasingly fundamentalist and in very marked contrast to what being liberal was once about. Which is why "progressives" is increasingly a label that suits people such as Whaleoil.

I heard Whale on the radio once that he thought the internet was increasingly becoming a place where rude people shouted their opinions and behaved very badly towards others.  I was somewhat gobsmacked when I heard him lamenting on the state of his own behaviour. Incredible.

Whale, rather than just declaring what you think Lucia's opinion is on a matter, how about at least posting a direct quote with a link back (so others can read the full context). Also, don't fall into the convenience of suggesting Andrei, Lucia or whoever else you feel like slandering have identical arguments and identical beliefs - there is variation on substance and degree, so again, quote and reference rather than just exaggerate your point.

Your absolutism on ”When challenged about infertile couples or indeed older couples and their right to marry they gloss voer the argument or ignore it entirely." is false. Lucia has covered this before, and certainly hasn't glossed over it. Equally, your reductive argument manages to ignore a very different emphasis and focus that Lucia argues against the redefinition of marriage. But then again, that fits my theory that you need to demonize people or groups in order to justify your own style of vitriol and "holier than though" condemnation.

The way you go about doing what you are doing isn't doing your character any good Whale.

Whaleoil and the need to demonize to justify his own bad behaviour

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Richard said...

You're dramatically overcomplicating things. Whale's behaviour isn't anything as complicated as self justification or a tactic of liberal fundamentalism (which is an argument that would provide comfort here I suspect).

Whale baits LM and Andrei because they always bite and other commenters like piling in. That Andrei and LM not only bite but provide such quality fodder is the main driver I suspect.

ZenTiger said...

So we have at least a common platform for this discussion. You don't deny that Whaleoil is at least "baiting".

That baiting requires he deliberately misconstrue an argument, or simply make one up without offering evidence still points to a fundamental problem with his behaviour - quite happy to hurt people for his own gain.

I'm not so much complicating things, as simply revealing my theory on WHY he baits.

All I've suggested is that he at least quote the argument, with a reference or link back, to allow others some context, given he has a tendency to twist the argument to suit.

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