Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lucia NZ man's horrifying ordeal in a Chinese prison

I have to say at the outset that I believe, based on what I have heard of this man's story, that he should never have been found guilty of manslaughter, given that he was set upon by a number of men who wouldn't stop attacking him. In any sane jurisdiction he would have been either not charged at all or been found innocent and let go. But not in the Chinese justice system which from what I have read and heard, does not have justice at it's mandate.

What was supposed to be a business trip instead became a stint in a Chinese jail for Danny Cancian after a restaurant fight took a lethal turn.

He was charged with manslaughter and, although the judge at his trial acknowledged that he did not start the fight, he was deemed to have used excessive force on one of his attackers, who died of a brain bleed.

Danny Cancian phoned NewsTalkZB this morning (the Tim Fookes Morning Show) and explained that at that point in the fight, he had been hit in the back of the head with a chair and could hardly see. He felt he was fighting for his life against men who would have killed him had he done nothing.

"My lawyer wasn't allowed to speak up and say anything," Mr Cancian said yesterday. "He [would be] told to shut up by the judge."

Good behaviour and hard work gained Mr Cancian enough reward points in prison to apply for his sentence to be reduced, and he arrived home on November 29.

Good on him for speaking out. We are doing a lot of trade with China, however these sorts of stories need to get out there so New Zealanders know what type of country we are dealing with. A whole lot of things that New Zealanders take for granted, such as respect for human life, do not exist in same degree in China. This is because New Zealand is a Christian country (despite the secularists trying to deny it) and China is not. Compare Christian countries with non-Christian countries and you get something pretty alien, such as basic standards of justice that just don't exist.

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