Friday, March 22, 2013

Lucia Same-sex marriage supporters have toned down their face book event page

When it was originally set up, the pro same-sex marriage face book event looked like this:

Now, it's been toned down tremendously:

From: "Let's swamp the haters at their anti LGBT Marriage Vigil"
To: "Support Love at the anti LGBT Marriage Vigil".

Quite a dramatic difference in tone.

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scrubone said...

I wonder if this means they're now going to try and act like civilized people.

Or maybe they realised that a public show of hatred, such as they were planning might wake up certain MPs that there are crazy people on both sides, and those on one side are not fringe but in fact are the core of the movement.

Lucia Maria said...


The crazies may be in the majority, yet. Hopefully this post and the other one are going to be successful in calling them to a higher standard. I've got friends going to that vigil, with their children.

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