Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lucia Daylight Savings is lasting too long

Yet again I find myself longing for the end of Daylight Saving.

It never used to be this way. I found that when Daylight Saving ended in the past, it was just right. Autumn was always a pleasant drift into winter. I never looked forward to the end of Daylight Saving because it ended at the right time, the third Sunday of March.

Right now, I'm really, really wanting it to end. It's still too hot in the evenings for too long and then too dark and cold in the mornings. At night I have the fans on to try and help the kids go to sleep and in the mornings, I'm having to turn the heater on. When it gets dark and when it gets light and when we go to sleep and wake up just seems completely out of kilter.

We are already past the fourth Sunday of March, and we still have a fifth Sunday, the 31st of March before we get to the first Sunday of April when it finally ends, and that's still another week and a half away.

When Daylight Saving does end, so will Autumn. That gradual change over from lighter evenings that gradually get darker will be a massive plunge into winter darkness, making it feel like we've gone from a strange type of Autumn straight into winter. That shock wouldn't occur if Daylight Saving ended in the middle of March, but by April, the change is massive. So, while I'm longing for the end Daylight Saving, I'm also dreading it.

I blame Peter Dunne for this. All it took was 40,000 signatures and Peter Dunne in order for this unnaturally long Daylight Saving to be passed into law. It should be taken back to the old third Sunday of March. Please end the torture!!!

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Matthew said...

I agree LM.

I've been having quite bad sleep this week too, as well as our youngest son.

This is yet anoteh reason why not to vote for Mr Dunne. In a way, this change is hard to ignore, although if you work your own hours, don't watch TV that much, do your own chores when the chores are needed then you can sort of ignore it.

In another way, it makes Parliament less relevant to people's lives, when they enact all sorts of things that are not cognisant with reality. Daylight Saving, child discipline, marriage, the list goes on. Often I liken Parliament to a bunch of people in a room making silly laws that have no bearing on life itself. It really is a pity that they waste their lives away doing that, as I'm sure each person is capable of a better contribution to society than they are now.

I.M Fletcher said...

And it's even worse at the other end - it begins while the weather is terrible and rainy and DS can't be enjoyed. I moaned about this no the forum when it came in, in 2008. I also pointed out then that the idea was to add three weeks to DS. That's what they told us - but instead they ended up added FOUR weeks,

Wakachangster said...

I milk cows and it does'nt get light till after seven, it drags on way to long and why start it early in September which is usually crap weather

Lucia Maria said...

I agree, Wakachangster, it is way too early. I can't believe it's weekend!

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