Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ZenTiger Climate Science 101

Some people spend hours arguing tree rings, ice core samples and moving weather stations as if that will prove AGW. Don't worry about it. Think of it as misdirection. Whilst you are reading a science journal, bureaucrats are figuring out new ways to take control of our lives by politicising the idea of Climate Change to ensure uncontested implementation of whatever policies take their fancy.

Climate Science 101 is very simple. Don't look at the problem, don't even look at the political justifications to solve the problem, instead focus very hard on what the policy implementation is going to be. If you work from there, you will get a very different perspective on the politics of climate change.

For example, our local council has resisted, time and again, the need to build a dam to store water, whilst at the same time implementing a whole bunch of changes extremely detrimental to beach front owners. Their excuse for attacking water front property owners was the "proven" threat of climate changes over the next 50 plus years.   Yet instead of building a dam to store water (something useful in a warmer and drier world), they have instead wasted 14M dollars on taking bore water, and another 7M dollars on installing water meters. The excuse for the water meters was climate change and the need for conservation.  Is relying on water meters and a steady flow of river water, whilst draining the water table a fine response to Climate Change though? Of course not - this is just an example of using climate change to justify whatever policies they wish, but ignoring it where it would matter if they had any sort of integrity.

The IPCC abounds with examples of this sort of thinking. At the heart of it, the UN wants to establish themselves as world government.  To do this, it needs some sort of imminent threat that would justify free nations giving up their sovereignty in exchange for the assurance of peace and protection. The cold war is over, China is becoming capitalistic and the left find it politically incorrect to scapegoat Islamic Fundamentalism.  Even the new breed of democratic dictators such as Mugabe and Chavez are heroes providing they have some sort of anti-middle class social welfare program running.  So the new enemy is the weather!  Every drought, every storm, every severe winter, every drop of acid rain and every sign of visible erosion justifies IPCC policies.  Key to those policies is a global taxation system to ensure a proper transfer of wealth and accumulation of financial clout that the UN can wield in establishing their own version of a NWO.  Again, ignoring the justification, consider the policy and where it leads.  An objective assessment would see that they are intending to solve a completely different problem.

Before you write this off as just another conspiracy theory, you could check out some of the taxation suggestions documented by the IPCC (covered here) and consider this before you claim our politicians would never fall for it: Have you noticed any politicians taken in by financial scams, collapsing SOE's missing hundreds of millions of dollars, enormous bailouts to keep the rats on sinking financial institutions dry, or fooled by offering massive tax incentives that do little for the country's economic growth? But don't worry about it - those guys always have a bullet proof excuse. You voted for them.

By the way, NotPC has some news: Christopher Monckton is coming to town

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